Just like what they say, "Nails are an extension of your beauty." Of all the fashion and styling, nails are the second most appreciated feature of a person. Having good and healthy nails also reveals your character. Keeping them in good condition speaks about how clean and caring you are towards your own body. You can't complete your look without good nails. Nails also express what kind of fashion you are into and gives you an identity through your appearance. Some research found out that people who have good nails developed a natural habit of maintaining good nails. Some want to achieve decent nails, but they can't because of the unfortunate condition they have.

Arshine has professionals and beauty experts that help them create a new trend. They also make sure their customers are satisfied. They answered common questions and revealed to the public about common nail questions. Here are some of them.

Why Do We Need To Clean Our Nails?

Cleaning our nails is a good practice of appreciating our body. If you love your nails, then you'd do anything for them to get cleaned. When you practice this habit, time will come, you'll get satisfied every time you wash them. Clean nails also give you the advantage to style your nail's look without any hesitation. It also gives you a lesser expense as you don't need any medical maintenance to keep your nails up, aside from the cosmetic products. Models and social media stars have a strong discipline when it comes to nail hygiene.

Practicing the habit of keeping your nails clean is better than maintaining your nails to fix them. "Nails are merely a part of your body. But it can also be the weapon of your beauty."

What Are The Ways to Maintain Clean Nails?

Maintaining clean nails is just as same as cleaning your nails but with utmost discipline. Cleaning the nails have three sections, namely washing, drying, and scheduled applications. Washing is just cleaning them with water and soap. Ordinary soaps are fine, but if you have the option to use anti-bacterial soap. Washing the nails must be constant, with or without cosmetic products. Drying, the second step, is where some get confused. In this step, use a towel or any clean fabric to wipe off the water. It is more advisable to use a towel than a dryer. The towel absorbs the water as the dryer blows them off. As it evaporates, it may affect the nail's surface and the skin around the nails. The last section the most important and a must. Scheduled applications are resting periods (for cosmetic users) and medical treatments (for those who have nail conditions). Resting periods are necessary as nails need to breathe and maintain it's health by removing the cosmetic products applied. Nails are likely to break or get weaker when skipping the resting period. Medical treatments are a must for those who have nail fungus and other nail conditions for a faster recovery of nails' health.

Arishine's professionals mentioned that it's easy to think about these things, but it is a lot harder when you're about to do it. Discipline is a lot easier to say than done.

What Are the Products Do I Use For Scheduled Applications?

There are a lot of products and methods that you may try. For the resting period, you may use nail polish remover or acetones for ordinary nail polish. Gel nail polish needs Gel nail Polish remover as it has chemicals that remove the acrylic layer of the polish to make the job easier. You may try Arishine's Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover. Health Professionals have tested these with passing marks for the standards. Several social media stars left a review with a satisfaction mark on these.

For medical treatments, you may want to ask for consultation from your doctor. The standard procedure for nail fungus treatments is surgical operations. It may take up some time and a lot of expense. Arishine's Nail Fungus Treatment is also great as an alternative for treating nail fungus. It has been tested by many, and several doctors approved this treatment as a secondary option. 

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