Eyelashes are one of the attractive beauty of a person. The longer it gets, the more beautiful it looks. The eyelashes naturally fall out and they grow back after 150 days. Others are lucky enough to have curvy, long, and natural eyelashes. However, others don’t feel satisfied with what they have and love to add eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are fake eyelashes that give extra length, style, and beauty to the eyes.

There are a lot of different kinds of eyelash extensions, and one of them is magnetic eyelashes. What do magnetic eyelashes feature and why do people love these? 

1. Safe to Use


Magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner are good and it’s completely safe for the eyelids and it has a lower risk of having a stye after using them. Traditional glued eyelash extensions contain toxic chemicals found in the glue. Magnetic eyelash and eyeliner used magnetic force to keep them intact. This magnetic effect is caused by small particles of Iron oxide found in the magnetic eyelash and eyeliner. Iron oxide is completely safe to use and apply around the eye and it is approved by health experts.

2. Low Maintenance

If you’re looking for eyelash extensions that don’t need much maintenance, magnetic eyelash and eyeliner are what you need. It still needs to be cleaned after use, but not as much as you do on the ordinary ones. The eyeliner is less hassle and it’s completely removable with make-up remover. Compared to the ordinary ones, you can save a few dollars with it rather than buying a lot of replacements or brand new ones when it’s worn off. It’s a practical idea to choose magnetic eyelash and eyeliner.

3. Easy to Apply

Unlike traditional glue-based eyelashes, Magnetic eyelash and eyeliner don’t require any glue which takes so much time, and it’s a lot more hassle to apply. It doesn’t need complicated steps to apply it. It only uses magnetic properties to keep it intact and all you have to do is draw and use the magnetic eyeliner and place the magnetic eyelash. It should stick well. It never comes off unless you pull them out. It’s super convenient for those who are in a hurry. 

4. Better Quality.

Have you experienced an embarrassing and frustrating moment when you’re in front of people and your eyelash extensions came off? Other kinds of eyelash extensions use glue, and double-sided tapes and this often comes off after a few use. Magnetic eyelash and eyeliner stay and sticks better than glue and it has been tested by some influencers. Aside from its magnetic features, the weight is lighter and has a durable material. It lasts longer than the traditional glue-based eyelash extensions.

5. Quality Brand.

Magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners are known to be good but it also depends on the brand and its quality. There are several brands with good quality and one of them that stands out the most is Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner by Arishine. This specific brand of magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner is well known and it is commonly used by influencers and several models. It is durable and has some good reviews on the internet. It is safe to use. Some users recommend this for the price and it is cheaper than the rest.  This brand also features the following:


* 5 different pairs of reusable magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner.

* It gave a natural look and it doesn’t seem too obvious when used.

* Waterproof, and smudge-proof, but easy to wipe off after use.

* Conducts strong magnetic force, and never comes off. 


If you want to know more about the details and information about this brand of magnetic eyelashes feel free to visit

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