Beauty Philosophy

“Makeup should be quick and natural, and it should enhance who you are.”

Makeup preferences always depend on a person’s view on what is beautiful.

Let me give you a scenario...

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I was a teenager, I always looked and stared at my mom while she was doing makeup. I am always amazed at how beautiful she was ever since I’m a kid.

I know deep in myself I love makeup, I want to use it and I want to try it.

I approached her and told her if I can have my own makeup.

She smiled at me, and at that moment I knew she was supporting me.

She brought me to a makeup store, a sales lady approached me and asked if I wanted a makeover. I said yes, I was nervous.

While she is doing my face, she is saying my face is too fat so she contoured it, my lips were small so she drew another line, my nose is large so I had a nose line, my eyes were not open much so she used a different color liner. I am nervous. The session is done. I am about to check myself only to find out I was ugly. When we got home I am slowly getting off the makeup. I know I am pretty, much prettier with just how my mom did hers. A more natural look.




Doing makeup or loving it doesn’t mean you need to be always extra. It depends on people’s own perspective on beauty. Others may like it very powerful and others may want it a little no-makeup makeup look. And both are beautiful. That’s how personal preference in beauty comes in. Learn to respect other people’s views of beauty. At the end of the day, you are making the best version of yourself, for yourself. Go on and explore on makeup, get to know yourself a bit more!

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