Bored and Stuck at Home? Read on for Some Makeup Tips!

Now that people are staying in their homes and doing their best to be safe from health issues, it’s very easy to get bored and run out of things to do to let time pass by.

If you’re looking for something fun to do without having to go outside your house, then read on especially if you’re also a beauty and makeup lover.

Experiment on Eyeliner Wings

Just as much as there are many eye makeup looks that you can do, the world is also wide enough for you to experiment on different kinds of eyeliner wing tips. But did you know that there are some tips that are best for a specific eye makeup?

The key to creating a really good eyeliner wing lies on the tip of the pen as well. For more precise applications, choose an eyeliner that’s stiff and point yet bendable enough to draw on. There are also eyeliners available that are as stick as a sharpie if you want bolder looks.

Pair Different Lash Designs 

We know of some people who are not into wearing lashes because they’re uncomfortable with it while there are others who simply don’t know what to do. Fortunately, there are many variants and designs of lashes out there, like magnetic false lashes, that suit different styles.

A tip to creating a harmonious makeup look is to make sure that your lashes do not clash with the intensity of your eye makeup. However, for simple days, you can rock either a very minimalist designed pair of lashes that look really close to your natural look. Top that with a single eyeliner and you’re all set.

Reinvent Your Makeup Tools 

Preference is sometimes a key factor in deciding which products stay in our kits and which products don’t. However, at boring and mundane times like these, it’s time to let go of makeup items that don’t serve us well. Also, take time to assess on whether you should upgrade your makeup items. Oftentimes it’s the healthiest choice as well since it allows you to check which ones have gone past their due date.

Stay on Top of Your Skin Care Game

It’s understandable that boredom can sometimes cause people to go lazy even for things that happen in their routines. But these are also ripe opportunities for one to revamp their skin care regimens and keep up with it. There’s not a lot of interference from the outside world that can usually cause stress. So give your skin the much need break it needs. After all, the best makeup looks are always dependent on how one takes care of his or her skin.


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