Dramatic Makeup Look That You’ll Surely Love!

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You are going to love this new makeup look using the Arishine magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit! The kit includes three of our most dramatic looking magnetic lashes that can give you the extreme lash look that you like. Do this look for a special occasion, a sexy night out, or even just because you wanted to wear it (‘coz you can, girl!).

Choose your preferred lash from the kit that you are going to use for the look. There can be up to five choices you can choose from. Probably, you will like this kit as it comes with its perfect partner, the magnetic eyeliner! Get your kit now! Don’t think twice because you won’t regret having this one.

Now, here is the dramatic look tutorial.

Step 1: The first step is a little unusual but it is one of the best makeup tricks you can have. Get a piece of tape and put it from the outer corner of your lash line and you should extend it upwards towards your brows. This can help you to get a gorgeous sharp edge on the outside of your eyelid. 

Step 2: Mix a light and medium shade of eyeshadow along the tape line you have put on and into the crease of your eye.

Step 3: Take a dark brown eyeshadow color and blend them along the tape line, and to your lower lash-line. Blend, blend, and blend! 

Step 4: Using a flat eyeshadow brush, press some white creamy eyeshadow shade starting from the inside of your eyelid to the center. You do this to add brightness. 

Step 5: Sweep the same brown eyeshadow shade using an angled eyeliner brush along your lower lash line. Then, take off the tape!

Step 6: Get now your magnetic eyeliner and put it along your upper lash line. Be sure to dry them for three minutes before moving on the next step. The most important thing to do (for sure, you are waiting for this one!).

Step 7: After the application of magnetic eyeliner, you can now put on your chosen magnetic lash style and place them as close as you can next to your lash-line. See them as it automatically locks on the eyeliner!


This can serve as your guide, you can learn more by going through some youtube makeup tutorial videos. Love your dramatic looking makeup with your magnetic eyeliner and lashes? Get your kit now(before it’s too late!) Shop and achieve your new favorite look!

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