5 Eye Makeup Looks Made Better with Magnetic False Lashes

Doing makeup is not just because women want to look good. There are multiple reasons behind it. Sometimes, ladies do it to feel empowered and more confident about themselves.

However, not all women know the different kinds of looks that they can do with their products. To make it easier for the ladies out there, here are some of the eye makeup looks that can improve overall aesthetics.

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The Simple Cat Eye

cat eye

Probably one of the simplest things to do with the eyes is to pop in a beautiful pair of lashes that have a good volume on it. And to get this look on fleek, winged eyeliner can be in place on the outer corners of the eyes to draw more attention to it.

This look is perfect for days when you want to head out of the door in a few seconds. It’s also great for when you want a classy yet sophisticated look to match with your overall aura and your get up.

The Double Eyeliner

double eyeliner

Still in the eye look without needing eyeshadows is the double eyeliner look. It’s almost as simple as the simple cat eye only with the addition of drawing your eyeliner on your lower lash line and creating a wing connected to it. This wing can follow the angle and direction of the top lid’s cat-eye or be the opposite of it.

It’s a simple look to do but adds a hint of playfulness to your eye, creating a different kind of illusion to it.

The Gradient Eyeshadow


If you’re feeling a bit fancy, pop in some colors on the lids to create a gradient effect. This is done by adding the lightest colors (neutral shades) to the area closest to the inner corners of the eyes. Add on some eyeshadows with darker shades the further you’re going to the outer corners.

In doing this, always make sure to blend in the eyeshadow so the look is more coherent and well put together. Don’t forget to draw on some eyeliner and add a pair of false lashes that are closest to your natural lashes’ volume.

Some people like to make gradient eyeshadow looks for a casual look which makes the eyes more alive but not too striking at first glance.

The Smokey Eye


For a more sophisticated and seductive look, people create a smokey eye to draw attention to their eyes. This is a variation of the gradient eyeshadow look except that the colors start light at the area closest to the brow and the colors go darker going to the lash line.

This dramatic look can be enhanced with thicker false lashes and the lash line can use the help of eyeliner with a color that’s closest to the color of the darkest eyeshadow applied.

The Cut Crease

cut crease

Lots of tutorials are available on the internet related to the cut crease. It looks good on the eye and there are multiple ways to approach it. Others make use of highly contrasting colors to make the crease really pop out. On the other hand, subtle colors can still be used especially if you’re going for a more neutral palette.

The main thing about cut crease is to darken the crease area of the eye to highlight the lid itself. It’s an eye-catching look that people can go for especially if they have plenty of time in their hands as this eyeshadow technique may have lots of room for error.

Eyes Speak Lots of Messages

There are multiple ways of enhancing the way one looks. Whether through the use of an entire makeup palette or a simple set of false lashes, the possibilities are almost endless. Just make sure to have with you the products and tools that are highly versatile such as magnetic false lashes and eyeliner to boot.

Investing in the correct pieces will do more good than you can ever think of.

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