Toenail fungus is one of the most common problems encountered and experienced by all. It is one of the most irritating things that could happen to a person. Toenail fungus is can also be contagious when untreated and can be painful. When you noticed a discoloration of your toenails, it is a sign of having toenail fungus. There are many ways for toenail fungus to grow, and no matter how we try to remove it, it may always come back. However, there are ways on how to avoid having toenail fungus.  It might not work for others in certain conditions, but it may help with what you got.

Having toenail fungus is the worst thing that an artist or influencer could have. If you had enough of the disgusting toenail fungus, here are some ways that might help on how to avoid them. 

How Can I Avoid Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus can happen anytime and especially in warm areas. There are different ways to maintain clean and healthy toenails. One of the most effective practice is proper hygiene. Proper hygiene helps reduce the chances of fungus living in your toenails.  It cleans up your feet as soap solutions can help remove dirt and moisture, which are the primary cause of toenail fungus. Cutting your nails when it grows is also a good practice. Cutting excess nail reduce toenail fungus, as it leaves no space for them to grow. 

Washing your feet once or twice a day is a good practice of proper hygiene. Amesh A. Adalja, M.D., an infectious disease expert, said that “our feet are filled with bacteria.” Bacteria can turn into fungus and could evolve into toenail fungus. 

What Do I Need to Clean My Feet?

The tools needed are just necessities that can be the ones in your home. It doesn’t need any fancy or pricey items to have clean feet. Soap solutions can be ordinary bath soaps. There may be foot soaps that you can use, but it is optional.  You may want to use warm water as it kills bacteria and it removes dirt easily.  After washing your feet, use a clean towel, not a rag. Rags may contain dirt, and it can attract bacteria.  You may also consider trimming your nails with nail cutters when it is long enough. Do not brush your toenails to avoid nail infections. 

These things are what you need to clean your toenails. There may be other things that you can use to clean your feet, and they're fine as long as it's approved and recommended by doctors. 

Make Toenail Maintenance A Habit.

Reminding yourself to clean and wash your feet frequently is one of the effective ways to minimize the possibility of having toenail fungus. Why frequently? And not regularly? Practicing regular habits can also damage your toenails. Too much cutting of nails can lead to nail injury and cause deformed toenails. Washing your feet too often can develop skin damage. It can make the feet' skin dry and have this itchy feeling or sensation after washing it too often.

Frequently washing of feet is a smart move as it helps you save water than washing them regularly. Two birds in one stone!

Let Your Toenail Breathe!

Toenails need to breathe too! If you wear shoes too often, you might also consider wearing sandals, slippers, or without socks. Socks can make your feet sweaty, and sweat is considered moisture that attracts fungus. Making your toenails breathe also reduces the risk of developing deformed toenails. Using sandals can also help eliminate the stinky feet you have as they can finally breathe.

This practice can also expand the life span of your favorite shoes. Using them often, not regularly, will help your shoes have better quality.  

Use Toenail Fungus Treatment Cream When Needed.

Some ask if "is it advisable to use Toenail fungus treatment regularly?". Experts recommend toenail fungus removers or treatments when they have toenail fungus or developing toenail fungus only. It isn't advisable to use them as maintenance to prevent toenail fungus. Toenail Fungus Treatments contain chemicals that soften the nails and clean them. It is the last option on the list to do when it's too late. There are many Toenail Fungus Treatment that you can find on the market. Make sure to choose those that are recommended by doctors.

You may want to check out Arishine's Toenail Fungus Treatment Cream. They're safe, and they are tested by doctors making sure it passed the quality and health standards.

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