How To Do Your Makeup While Wearing A Mask

Wearing a mask is the new normal, we can’t leave our houses without it. Not just to protect yourself but also other people for all we know our immune system can be strong enough but we are carriers and we can make elderly sick. 

Some people might say makeup is not necessary at this point of time since most part of the face is not seen with a mask on. But it’s clearly your choice, if you feel doing it go for it. If it makes you happy and confident, do it.  Not to mention makeup is a stress reliever for some especially for the health workers so don’t mind other’s opinion and let us start doing your makeup right this pandemic season.



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Don’t forget your PH Balance Hydrating Moisturizer

Choose your moisturizer wisely, dryness can damage our skin barrier. When our skin barrier is affected we are more susceptible to virus and bacteria, and that is where moisturizer works its magic. Aside from it can help setting our makeup it works miracles for our skin’s health.



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Go for a non-comedogenic foundation


When a product says non-comedogenic it means it doesn’t clog our pores, while on mask our skin can be irritated it will worsen if our choice of foundation clogs our skin. Also choose those with SPF for additional protection, that’s all we need at this point of time.


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Don’t forget the primer and setting powder

A good primer and powder can keep your makeup from smudging under a face mask throughout the day, plus it will help to stay on your face and not on your mask.



Eye makeup is the real key

Our mouth is covered as well as our nose so all we need to do is make our eyes an asset. Use shimmers and highlighters along with your favorite shade of eyeshadow. The goal is to make our popping out and scream for gorgeousness! 


How to wear makeup with face mask



Eyebrow is life!

Groom your brows well, use brow gel and pencil or powder in your choice of shade. You know what color will fit your hair and face so do it. Take time for that, this belongs to the few that is shown when wearing a mask.



Eyelashes should be perfect

Yes your lashes should be the best everyday. We know it can be hard for some to put on fake lashes. But we discovered magnetic eyelashes from a certain brand that sells well on Amazon. Magnetic eyelashes are screaming for beauty and it's very easy to use, fast and no mess. This should be your must have this pandemic. Here is the link if you want to check it: Arishine Beauty 


How to wear makeup with face mask



Lip balm instead of lipstick

Lipstick can be a hassle, it may stain your mask so we suggest to use a lip balm. Choose ones that can hydrate and not make your lips dry, try something with shea butter, it helps in restoring your skin dryness and barrier. Remember cracks and dryness are the bestfriend of virus and bacteria.




That’s it, these tips were very simple but these can change your thinking of makeup and cosmetics, they are for beauty and health protection as well. Feel free to message us if you have more question or suggestions related to this blog! Until the next one!



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