Magnetic Lashes vs. Ordinary Lashes: Let’s Settle the Score

More and more products are debuting these days and the beauty industry isn’t slow to catch on the trend. Many of you may have already heard of magnetic lashes. But what really are the advantages of using this product? Is this any better than ordinary lashes? Let’s find out.

Ease of Application

Have you ever wanted to wear lashes all the time but you just couldn’t because there’s too much work involved in it? Yes. We’re talking about cutting the lash band according to your eye shape and band length. Then there’s the glue adhesive that you have to apply meticulously on the bands.

In this arena, magnetic lashes win the fight as it’s a glue-free kind of lash. It relies on the magnetic particles situated on the lash band and the eyeliner that gets applied to the eyes. This process then eliminates the need for using glue as an adhesive.


One important criterion one must look into is the level of comfort that one experiences when using a product. Some users may have already gotten used to wearing lashes all day long. But for those still at the beginning of their makeup journey, it can become uncomfortable.

Worry not as magnetic lashes are hypoallergenic and gentle on the lids. Sans the lash glue that can add weight on the lids, these lashes also come in really lightweight pairs. Also, especially that the eyeliner acts as an adhesive, there’s technically less products on the lids and more room for the eyes to breathe.


Both magnetic lashes and ordinary lashes fare good in terms of safety. However, the former has an edge over the latter as removing lashes using glue can irritate the skin if not done carefully. Several instances have people injured their eyes as their real lashes would also get stuck on the lash glue and be pulled upon removal, causing further pain on the eyes.


Ordinary lashes are so easily available and common that anyone can actually pair almost any makeup look with these products. It’s true that they are highly versatile as they can be used multiple times and can suit almost any eye shape.

Magnetic lashes may be limited when it comes to design and volume, with some brands only offering 5 designs per pack. But on the bright side, these lashes are sturdy enough to last multiple uses. These have the strength to undergo multiple washes as long as done properly.

Value for Money

Lastly, magnetic lashes aren’t the cheapest option when it comes to false lashes. There are certainly cheaper ones out there that come in bundles. But if you are to decide between two types of lashes, consider the return of investment.

Are the lashes going to last me long enough? Will I be able to use these lashes on multiple occasions? Are these the most comfortable pair out there? There are definitely lots of consideration. And when you figure out the answers to these questions, you’ll eventually get your score card straightened out.

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