Make Your Gorgeous Blue Eyes Extraordinary

How to make your blue eyes stand out and make them go pop!

Want to learn how to enhance your blue eyes with the right colors, tones, techniques, and shades. Surely, you want them to get lost in those ocean eyes of yours? Then, you landed in the right place to learn how.

Here's how to make your blue eyes go with your favorite eyeshadow color combination and lashes from Arishine!


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Learning the color theory: The color that will surely work best for your blue eyes

Understanding color theory may not be easy at first, but this is essential as you treat your eyes as a canvas and yourself as a painter. So, here are the basic things that you need to learn when you're attempting to paint your crystal clear eyes like a pro. We all know the primary and secondary colors on the color wheel, blue, red, and yellow as the primary ones and purple, orange, and green as the secondary. When you are trying to figure out the colors that will surely compliment your blue eyes, it's time to see the color wheel. Look at the color that directly lies across to the color that you are seeking to compliment. We are trying to find colors for your blue eyes, as you can see on the color wheel, orange is the one that lies directly across from the color blue.

You may have mastered the color theory now, time to get to the tone of things as well. You are to choose colors and tones that can complement your eyes, go for warmer, earthier nudes, oranges, browns, and reds. These colors will help in naturally enhancing the color of your eyes while making their head-turn on you.

What are the things you need to make your blue eyes stand out?

Prepare your eyeshadow priming potion, eyeshadow pallet, your Arishine magnetic eyeliner, and magnetic lashes to complete your look. 

Step-by-step tutorial to wow them with your eyes!

Step 1: Start with your base. By bleeding with a warm, neutral transition shade across your eyelid into the crease. Then go ahead and start blending that shame shade into your lower lash line too.


Step 2: Time to go on mixing warmer shades too: choose one more brown and one more orange, and blend them into the corners, crease, and lower lash line. It will definitely make your eyes more defined.

Step 3: Choose your favorite deep and warm shimmery shade now and apply it along your eyelid. Using your fingertips, blend them inward out.

Step 4: While keeping things on the warmer side, line your lids with Arishine magnetic eyeliner too. 

Step 5: Finally, apply the Arishine magnetic lashes. With the help of the magnetic liner, it helps in holding the lashes in its place.



You're done! You just made your beautiful blue eyes stand out and enhance them at the same time. Go out confidently and flex your gorgeous blue eyes!

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