Summer Makeup Tutorial For You!

Summer makeup tutorial for you!

If you only have five minutes left for your makeup routine, this quick and easy summer makeup tutorial is just for you! We will show you how to get your gorgeous, summertime look with a glowing, sun-kissed kind of makeup and Arishine magnetic eyelash. Be ready to slay your next favorite summer makeup look with just a simple step-by-step tutorial.


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All you have to do is to follow this every makeup tutorial and achieve your desired look! For a more detailed guide, you may also want to look for some videos on youtube.

The items you need to prepare to get this quick and easy Summer makeup look are:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Bronzer powder
  • Brown eyeliner
  • Gold eyeshadow
  • Highlighter powder
  • Black mascara
  • Arishine magnetic eyeliner
  • Lip tint

Here is the quick and easy summer makeup tutorial.

Step 1: It is important that you always keep your skin fresh and natural looking. So, spot conceal areas of your face that is needed to be touched up more than the others. These areas are usually the under eyes, sides of the nose, around the chine, around the chin, and any other spot that you notice.  You can always put on your foundation too, if ever you need a little more coverage.

Step 2: For you to get that “sun-kissed” summertime glow that you want to achieve, grab your powder and apply it along the areas of your face that naturally get the most sun. Do it along your forehead, cheeks, nose, and jawline as well. Have a little bronzer too and if you want more. Don’t hesitate to add away!

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Step 3: There are some who have super dry skin, you may just skip this step. For those who tend to have an oily skin-type, listen! Having a translucent powder is good for setting both your foundation and concealer and to ensure that makeup won’t slip throughout a warm summer day. You may only want to apply light layers. Not too much because we still want to show through your natural skin.

Step 4: Of course, you have to shape your eyebrows! Not having this part on point can just instantly lessen your gorgeous summer makeup look. so , be sure to shape them perfectly. If you still don’t know how, seek some advice from a professional and learn how to make them look the best for you and face shape too.

Step 5: Your eye makeup can be super simple for this tutorial. Trace lightly your upper lash line with your brown eyeliner. Then, using your index finger and smudge it to slightly give a smokey eye look.

Step 6: Add up some tiny bit of your gold eyeshadow to inner corners of your eye. Putting a light layer of gold to your eyelid can go with this too.

Step 7: It’s now the time to grab your Arishine magnetic eyeliner! Start on the inner corner of your eye and tracing along your lash line from beginning to end. Just take note that you should have your eyeliner closer to your lash bed as possible. Let it dry for three minutes. While drying it, you can now apply your mascara.

Step 9: To add some touch of glam and glow, have some powder highlight to your upper cheekbones.

Step 10: This is something you have been waiting for, go with your magnetic lashes! Take them out of their box and put them along your lash line. The magnetic eyeliner is the secret to hold them in place until you no longer want them on.

Step 11: Finally! For your lips, keeping your entire summer makeup look more natural, wear some pale pink lip tint. You're now good to go!

It’s just easy to follow, right? Go confidently with your simple summer makeup look!

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