The Best Way to Use Hand Sanitizers

With the many products out there that aim to help people protect themselves from the deadly virus, the hand sanitizer becomes one of the outstanding ones because of practicality. But did you know that there are ways to get the most out of these effective products?

Read on for more tips!


  1. When applying hand sanitizers, make sure to fully cover your hands.

One common mistake that people usually commit when using hand sanitizers is squeezing only a droplet of it on the palm of their hands. It’s easy to think that the potency of the product will be enough to do the job. But the best way to apply hand sanitizers is to squeeze enough amount to fully coat one’s hands. This is the best way to ensure that the product works its way on all surfaces.

  1. Use a high-concentration hand sanitizer.

Some people have opted to use hand sanitizers because of how moisturizing they are on the hands. However, using products that have low alcohol concentration may be defeating the purpose of disinfection. Try to look for a hand sanitizer that’s at least 60% alcohol to effectively stop germs from growing on one’s hands.

  1. Always give room for the hand sanitizer to dry up.

There are users of hand sanitizers who don’t pay attention on their hands after they rub hand sanitizers on it. The best way to identify that one’s hands are ready for use after applying hand sanitizers is when the product has already dried up. This is how one would know that disinfection is taking place on the hand and is adding a layer of moisture on the skin.

  1. Disinfect the hand sanitizer too.

If one hand sanitizer bottle is being used by many people all at once, chances are its lid or its pump is also exposed to many hands. Therefore, it runs the risk of a breeding ground. Take the time to disinfect the pump, the lid, and even the body of the bottle after using it. Better yet, secure yourself a small bottle of hand sanitizer which can only be held by you.

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