This Pandemic Changed Our Fashion And Beauty Preferences In Different Ways

The coronavirus crisis covered just about every part of our daily life. Our fear of getting the virus from other people and everywhere has been our daily habit and caused us to overthink a lot. 

And after a few months of working from home, many of us have adopted new habits already. Some dived into home cooking, while others tuned into YouTube and Instagram workouts, and nearly everyone already mastered the Zoom meeting look, comfortable on the bottom while stylish on the top. 


Millions of people around the world are out of work, and caused us to rethink and limit our spending. In this new reality or new normal, comfort, wellness, and health are becoming a bigger priority for us consumers and are driving our purchase decisions. Retailers and resellers are already thinking of selling the types of clothing, shoes, and accessories people will be willing to buy in this time of pandemic. 


Here are some changes in the fashion and beauty industries nowadays:

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False lashes is the new trend!

Sales on eye makeup are on the rise now as a lot of people, especially girls, look for ways to still express themselves while wearing those face masks.


False eyelashes, which averaged 15% increases in week-over-week sales as businesses in many parts of the country began to reopen. Mascara sales, meanwhile, grew 11% in the same period, while demand for eyebrow products jumped 5%. Everyone must see these estimated statistics to know that eye makeup products are still on the trend in this time of pandemic. No lipstick or blushes! Mascara, Arishine magnetic lashes, and eyebrow pencil is all you need! You wanna know why?



These products make complete sense. Who would have gone out with a complete, full makeup look behind those face masks? Of course, none! None of us will spend money and time to complete and have that makeup look just to be hidden with a face mask. These eye makeup products are all you need to emphasize your smiling eyes. Nobody wants lipstick smudges inside their masks. Right? 


Since we are all staying at home the rest of the day, we would rather spend our money on skin care products such as face scrubs and body creams, rather than those lipsticks and blushes. Sales of high-end soaps, home scents, and hair color also have risen in recent months. One of the first things we’ve seen in the pandemic is the shift of people from makeup to skin care products. During a time when most of the country was on lockdown, everyone’s concern was on meeting their basic needs rather than on branded makeups.


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Say goodbye to our high heels!

Sales of high heels, loafers, wedges, and other dress shoes nowadays have been decreasing months ago, eversince the pandemic and lockdown started. Still, some women out there are dying to put their heels back on. But most of them are saying that they are never going to wear those shoes again.


People think it’s all about comfort. They stick to the product and accessories that make them feel comfortable all the time. Flat slipper is the key... Also, crocs that are trending among men, known for their homely but comfortable signature foam clog that also looked super hot.


We return to the basics

Malls are now reopening, but don’t expect to see racks filled with lots of seasonal trends. With money tighter, retailers and consumers are loading up on basics and essentials. The consumer is not going to feel so rich anymore, which means a lot fewer limit their purchases. What we’re looking for today are core basics. Fashion is not as important this year.


That has led many retailers to stock up on items such as plain T-shirts, classic-cut jeans, and beige and khaki pieces that won’t fall out of favor if they don’t sell right away. Jeans, joggers, and leggings have also become in demand nowadays because of the comfort they are giving when worn. 


Yes to more casual wear!

A lot of people wore coats and ties, or skirts and blazers, while heading straight to the office all over the years! Fashion analysts expect to see more athletic wear and casual attire at the office even after the pandemic is over.


Business people likely to trade business casuals to hoodies paired with blazers, and sweatpants with silky tops. There will be much more mixing and matching between dressing up and dressing down. And also, it will be okay to wear the same thing over and over again. No pressure!


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This pandemic has changed consumer preferences, it’s all about health and comfort now… Consumers are becoming more cautious about their spending habits and prioritising purchases for essential categories. While the fashion industry at large is going through tough times, not all the categories have been impacted the same way. Meanwhile sportswear, activewear, and loungewear are emerging as the winners in this tough battle for survival. 



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