Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lash For You


These tips make applying false eyelashes a lot easier for you...


False eyelashes open up your eyes, making them appear and look larger. Fake eyelashes add another level of glam to any look, but they aren't always the easiest to apply, especially for beginners. But if you would rather have a temporary solution for special occasions only, fake eyelashes or falsies are all for you. 


Lashes also come in many different materials. So how do you know when to use which lash style?


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First, decide if you want a pair that will give you a natural "are those real?" effect or you want full-glam volume and length or individual lashes. Then, base your lash type around the shape of your eyes. You can select the ideal set of lashes for your look. You can easily pick out a pair of false lashes that perfectly complements your face. False eyelashes can be seriously looked intimidating, even if you've mastered applying them already. Find out exactly how to pick out the right lashes for your desired look. 


Do you want a lengthy, volumized, va-va-voom, or a simple natural look or style? Decide what would suit your eye shape and personal style, and go get lashed!


Choose a lash type


  • Select natural lashes if you want a fine, subtle look. Many false lashes are made out of natural hair. Natural false lashes can blend well with your real lashes, and they look more realistic than any other lash types. These real hair lashes tend to feel more comfortable because they use a softer thread band that won't poke at the eyelids. If you go with these lashes, be sure to handle them with care because natural false lashes are mostly fine and subtle. 


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  • Pick full volume lashes if you want a bold, edgy look. If you want to add more depth to your facial features, choose wearing those full volume false lashes. These are made out of synthetic materials. They have thick strips and more bristles, which give you a more dramatic look and open up your eyes wider. Strip lashes come in all different styles and are best for a fuller, natural and/or dramatic look. They last only for the day, but if you use a good brand, you can re-use the strips many times you want. They're great for people who don't have thick or long lashes.


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  • Go with individual lashes if you want to customize your own lash style. Individual lashes are applied 1 at a time to the lash line. It takes up more time to apply individual lashes than strip lashes, but the look turns out way more natural. You can add a few or many individual lashes, depending on the look you prefer. Individual lashes are great for a more natural look because you can add them where you want/need more coverage.

  • Try to use magnetic false eyelashes. If you want to have a natural looking lash style that comes with safer and 100% natural ingredients, and won’t get any eye infections, try to wear these magnetic eyelashes. This Arishine magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit comes with a special eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the magnetic eyelash to easily connect. The eyeliner is also smudge-proof and is used with a familiar brush. No need for any sticky glue! 


    Complement your eye shape


  • Go with dramatic, long lashes if you have deep-set eyes. If you have deep-set eyes, your eyes look larger. Your brow bone is prominent, and as a result, long lashes look the best. Look for a pair with lengthy tips and a moderate curl at the end. These synthetic or silk lashes are great for thicker strips because they're lighter than real hair and therefore won't weigh down your lashes as much. But keep in mind that the strip bands can be stiffer and also irritate those with sensitive eyelids. If that's often a problem, feel free to cut the lashes! Cut the outer corners if they extend beyond your lash line. 

  • Choose winged or wispy lashes if you have round eyes. If the crease of your eye is visible and your eyes are circular, you have a round eye shape. Wispy lashes create a cat-eye shape, which is flirty and feminine. The individual lashes are crossed to create a playful, wispy look. They also are slightly longer on the ends. Half Lashes are also great for giving a nice winged eye or eye lifting effect and they're also super easy to apply.

  • Try a wide variety of lash types if you have almond eyes. Almost all eye shapes look great with nearly any set of lashes. You can try a lightweight, short pair for casual looks, or try a bold, thick style for night time looks.

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  • Select tapered end lashes if you have hooded eyes. If you have hooded eyes, the crease of your eyelid is hidden under the upper part of your lid or brow bone. When pairing false lashes, it is best to use lashes that are the longest in the center. The lashes on each end taper in length, which creates the illusion of depth. 

  • Use light, slightly fluffy lashes if you have monolids. If you do not have any crease on your eyelid, you have a monolid eye shape. Oftentimes heavy, bold lashes stick out too far and look unnatural with monolid eye shapes, so instead go for a less dense pair. Select a set with slightly fluffy ends to create a realistic, full look.

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