Nail polish is very common nowadays. Nail polish is very common nowadays. It helps make the nails match our desired fashion as it adds up a “plus one” factor for beauty and aesthetics. As public demand increases, the demand for production also arises and affects its quality. Some users are unsatisfied with the nail polish they got causing them to have an allergic reaction, and some nail polish won’t stay up for too long. These are some common issues several consumers have encountered. Gel nail polish is a type of nail polish that has different quality compared to ordinary nail polish. It requires UV light or LED light to cure the polish. 

According to customers, Gel nail polish works better for them, and here are some top reasons why they switch to gel nail polish from ordinary ones.

Better Quality

In terms of quality, consumers love gel nail polish rather than nail polish. It is a gel-based polish, and it uses UV light to dry the gel up. A gel is a semi-solid component that contains acrylic monomers and oligomers that bonds together when placed under a catalyst (UV light) that develops a stronger property after the process. Gel nail polish is sturdier than ordinary nail polish, and it last longer than them. It won’t be removed easily by nail polish remover alone. However, Gel Nail Polish Removers can take them off. 


There may be different kinds of gel nail polish, and the quality may also vary according to the brand. Arishine’s Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover is one of the known cosmetic products that remove gel nail polish, and has been tested and has passed the quality check. 

Practical Decision

Aside from having good quality, gel nail polish remover is cheaper than ordinary and branded nail polish. Some have done calculations with their expense with normal nail polish compared to the ordinary ones. It turns out they save more on gel nail polish as it has better quality, and it’s easier to remove with Arishine’s Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover. It’s easier to use and also dries quickly. It has lower maintenance as they use a little amount of gel nail polish than normal nail polish that gets off too often and needs some retouch, causing them too much expense and needs to secure stock bottled of nail polish. 


In the end, gel nail polishes are more convenient and help save a few dollars. It’s the best choice for the quality and budget.


No Need for Frequent Application

Compared to cheap ordinary ones that contain harmful chemicals, gel nail polish is strong enough to last for a long time, minimizing maintenance, which lessens the chance of having brittle nail polish. Gel nail polish helps give you the kind of fashion you want on your nails without polishing them back to back and nail problems. Gel nail polish is safe. However, it also requires the consumers to be responsible for taking good care of their nails. Some claim that gel nail polish can cause terrible damage, and most cases happened because they overused it instead of using it at least twice or thrice a month. 


If you want to remove them or replace them with different colors, you may use Arishine’s Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover. It has been used commonly by influencers, and it has an average rating of 4.9 stars.

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