Gel nail polish treatments became essential for artists, influencers, and company leaders. The look is another factor to have a decent and presentable presence towards others. Nails are one of the most luxurious looks that you might consider having. Well-maintained nails help you give a good look at the style or fashion you display to the public. The color of the nails matter, and so as the quality of its finish. There are some issues that typical nail polish comes off and ruin the look that it gave. Gel nail polish stays better, and it sticks still for a longer time. Gel nail polishes are created for small usage only, making it a saver's deal. A bottle of Gel nail polish would last 3- 5 months as long as used on the proper timeline. Too much usage of gel nail polish can cause nail damage. Nails need to breathe in between to maintain it's health.

Arishine is one of the known brands for selling cosmetic products at a very affordable price. Customers also love their service in giving advice, and heads-up for new products. They reveal many articles and care tips for their customers. Here, is another care tip for gel nail polish.

Do Not Practice Unnecessary Nail Mannerisms

Practicing unnecessary nail mannerisms is highly discouraged. Unnecessary nail mannerisms can also cause nail damaged, and when it comes to the worst-case scenario, it can cause nail infection. Examples of unnecessary nail mannerisms are biting off the cuticle, biting the nails, peeling off nail polish, and many more. These practices can cause ingrown and other types of nail injuries. Gel nail polish is used by almost everyone. Having these mannerisms can cause nail damage that could have irreversible consequences.

One popular unnecessary nail mannerism is peeling off nail polish. Peeling off nail polish can destroy the outermost layer of your nail, especially with gel nail polish. You may want to use Gel Nail Polish remover by Arishine whenever you want to get rid of the gel nail polish.

Proper Nail Hygiene


Proper nail hygiene is always a must. Proper nail hygiene affects the health of the nails as it helps maintain healthy nails. Nails are composed of keratin and can be damaged by gel nail polish when you don't treat them properly. Proper nail hygiene consists of cutting the nails, removing nail polish, and cleaning the nails to prevent developing nail fungus. Cleaning and cutting of nails are highly encouraged at least once every two months. There are a lot of ways to clean the nails, and it differs in the procedures.

Basic Cleaning/Maintenance Procedure:

  1. Remove Gel Nail polish using Gel Nail Polish Remover
  2. Wipe off excess gel nail polish using a clean tissue.
  3. Clean your nails using a nail cutter. Cut it with the appropriate length.
  4. Use a nail file to clean and shape the edges to achieve a decent finish look.
  5. You may use nail moisturizer to keep your nail moisturize. This step is optional.

Arishine has a gel nail polish remover and removes gel nail polish effectively. It has been chosen by many customers, and they are happy with how this thing works. You may find it with the name: Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover.

Use Proper Equipment


Using proper equipment is a good practice to avoid nail damage.  Necessities everyone must have are nail file, nail cutter, nail tape or latex, gel nail polish remover, moisturizer, and towel. There are other equipments, and those are optional. These are the basic kit that everyone must-have.

These basic kits can be bought at the local pharmacy or cosmetic stores. If you're interested in the Gel Nail Polish Remover, you may visit:

Find help from a nail technician

A nail technician will provide a professional service for those who have no any experience how to get nail polish. If you want to know more about what a nail technician do, please check here.