4 Easy Steps: Putting On The Revolutionary Magnetic Eyelashes


Magnetic lashes may somehow differ from the usual false eyelashes that are used these days. It is safe to use and much better than the false eyelashes because you can apply it without using glue. It is truly a revolutionary product in the beauty and make up industry. 

You can see here how you can apply magnetic lashes as easy as applying mascara but choose first a magnetic lashes that suits your own style.


For the natural lash look, you may choose the baby, cheeky, classy, or wifey lash styles. It will help you to bump up your lash look. Another one is medium lash boost, you can choose either sassy, sexy, flashy, or flirty lash styles. This style is for the lash look that is more than subtle, but less than extreme. Lastly is the maximum lash look, this is for those who want to have an extreme lash look. You can choose between bossy, baddy, money, or boujie lash styles.



Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelash Kit – Muah Club


Now, here are the easy ways to help you in applying your magnetic lashes.


  • First thing to do is to apply a magnetic eyeliner and just let it dry for two minutes. It is important to be sure that the magnetic eyeliner is dried well so that you can use your lashes for more than 8 hours.


  • The second step is somehow optional, applying a mascara does make a difference but still it depends upon the person.


  • Next one is to finally apply your magnetic lashes, be sure to attach your magnetic lashes on the magnetic eyeliner so that it may show a natural look and blend nicely with your natural lashes.


  • Lastly, do the same thing to the other eye and then you are good to go. It is also good to know that magnetic lashes can last all day. : Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit, Magnetic ...


You are now saved from doing the glue mess application when you're still doing the usual lashes application. After using it, you can remove it easily and put the magnetic lashes back on their box to use next time and also for safe-keeping. It is truly a helpful innovation on the beauty and make up industry. 

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