5 Expert Tips On Removing Makeup

Every girl wants to be beautiful and dreams to have a perfect glowing skin and what’s the secret? It’s simple, use the products with safe ingredients and never forget to remove your makeup! 


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Do your skin the ultimate favor by removing all your makeup at night, it’s a no-no to sleep with it even how great it looks on you. Sleeping with face makeup on can make your skin severely dry, acne-prone and even triggers wrinkles due to collagen breakdown. Eye makeups are also often left like mascara or an eyeliner, it can cause its own set of problems, including eye infections, eye irritation, stye, and broken eyelashes.


Also keep in mind that totally removing your makeup is a must and should be done properly. In this blog we compiled the top tips on how to properly remove your makeup by the experts. Let’s get started.

Tip #1: Break down your makeup with cleanser

Choose a great cleanser or helpful enough to help you remove foundation and blush, massage the cleanser on your face lightly and let it sit for about 15 seconds. When cleaning your face don't forget the under chin area, hairline and around the ears. An expert tip is to use a white cloth so you can also see that your makeup is removed.

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Tip #2: Be gentle with your skin

Don’t overdo it. Doing gentle strokes is enough to remove the makeup on your skin, harsh movements can make your skin dehydrated or even irritated. Cleanser in oil form can also help if you have a dryness problem. Put an ample amount on your fingers and wipe them across your eyelid, brows and lips where it is hard to remove makeup, that can help you remove the makeup easily without scrubbing like crazy.  This will soften your skin and loosen the makeup if one round isn’t enough, get a face tissue and do another round stroking in upward and one motion. 

Tip #3: Eye area is an important spot

Most of us use waterproof, smudge-proof and long-lasting mascara and eyeliners. Those are the hardest things to remove and our eye area is a very sensitive part. As mentioned you can use oil-based cleansers, or you can do this trick, use pre-soaked pads and close your eyes and hold them over your lids and lashes for about ten seconds to give the remover time to dissolve the product before wiping. Press down softly on the lashes for a few seconds so the formula soaks in, and then slowly move the pad across the eyes.


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Tip #4: We don’t want excess oil

Our skin’s natural oil should stay on our skin and anything extra is bad. It can cause acne and breakouts. What you should do after removing your makeup, ake another pass with a dry cotton pad to make sure you get off any last bits of product and the excess makeup remover, too. This final pass will prevent mascara circles in the morning and improve your makeup application the next day. No one likes to wake up with raccoon eyes.

Tip #5: Baby wipes are a no-no!

This is one of the most common mistakes of people trying to remove their makeup! The thinking of “Baby skin is so sensitive, this must be good for my face." Baby’s skin doesn't have makeup chemicals to remove and simple swiping is good especially on the booty area. Girl, you are swiping it on your face. Your face is delicate and sensitive (with makeup)  not the same as a baby's plain booty area so use the right soft tissue for your face please we can’t stress more how it can damage your skin. 

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BONUS Expert Tip!

If you have dry skin, don’t wash your face in the morning, the washing you did last night is still good for the morning. Don’t remove your skin’s natural oil, you need that. If you have oily skin washing in the morning as well is needed to remove all the extra oils your skin produced overnight. 

But the bottom line is whatever your skin type, washing at night is a must and no excuse should be made, do your skin a favor!



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