Hand sanitizer is most people’s protection against germs and viruses. It kills disease-causing microorganisms in our hands. Especially today that the coronavirus is still spreading, we need to prevent any kind of illness that can make our immune system weak. So let’s talk about 5 facts and trivias you should know about hand sanitizer.

  • Alcohol-based Hand sanitizer kill flu virus

    With its alcohol content, it kills most types of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Diseases like cold, flu, H1N1, and other viral and bacterial-based diseases can be prevented from spreading using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, but you should also be aware of its alcohol content. Your hand sanitizer must be 60% at least for it to be more effective.

  • Using hand sanitizer is better than just washing your hands with soap and water

    By just washing your hands with soap and water will not kill invisible germs, bacteria, and viruses. Sanitize them with alcohol-based hand sanitizer after washing your hands. Especially when water and soap is not available, you should at least use hand sanitizer to prevent yourself from getting illness.

  • How does hand sanitizer actually work?

    It works on the phenomenon of friction. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer contains 65% of alcohol which has a very low boiling point. So, as you rub it on your hands, heat is generated due to friction. That is why hand sanitizer evaporates due to the heat evaporating the alcohol and other particles of hand sanitizer, which takes germ particles with them.

  • There are still essential precaution you have to take while using hand sanitizer

    Swallowing of alcohol-based hand sanitizer can cause alcohol poisoning. Some people think that gargling of alcohol-based hand sanitizer can clear your throat. However, alcohol-based one contains ethyl alcohol and swallowing of ethyl alcohol could be very harmful and poisonous. Always keep it away from the reach of children as they can unknowingly swallow them. Assist the children if they need to use hand sanitizer.

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  • How to properly use hand sanitizer?

    Some people think that if they have visibly dirty and greasy hands, hand sanitizer will do the work to clean them completely. However, using hand sanitizer in visibly dirty and greasy hands will not be effective. You should clean it first by wiping it off or just washing your hands and then use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands.

  • Put a coin-size amount of hand sanitizer on your one palm and then rub and spread it to your hands, in between your fingers, back of the hands, and wrist. Rub it until it completely dries off and evaporates. Getting your hands touch other things while the hand sanitizer is still not dry can reduce the efficacy of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

    Where can I buy alcohol-based hand sanitizer?

    You can buy it online from Arishine Beauty. They offer Nixod Advanced Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer Gel with 70% alcohol and it  is travel size, safe, effective, with moisturizing effect, and comes with a cheap price. 

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