Reasons to Love Magnetic False Lashes

There is a never-ending list of makeup products available in the market today. So many new products to test and there are surely more to come.

One of the latest inventions in the makeup world is the magnetic false lashes. Beauty junkies are quick to catch on the trend of this new kind of false lash extensions. We tried to get their opinion about this novel product and here are some of the reasons why they think magnetic false lashes deserve the hype and love around it.

It’s a totally new experience.

What sets this set of magnetic false lashes apart from its counterpart is probably the fact that it’s an entirely new type of lashes. Typically, lashes are attached to the eyes with the use of a lash glue. This has been the only method used by makeup wearers prior to the discovery of false lashes.

The arrival of magnetic false lashes in the market totally opened a new kind of competition as it drew the attention of people who wanted to test whether this product is as effective as the glue-type lashes when it comes to the staying power on the lids. Whether they found it to be successful or not according to their standards, it’s undeniably a new kind of experience when it comes to lashes.

It’s easy to pack.

Sometimes people have to go on trips and attend important events. For these cases, the need to look put together is inevitable especially if there’s a special engagement that’s going to happen. People might need to pack their essentials including makeup.

However, you’re never really sure about the conditions of the place where you’re staying. What if you need to go on events with only little time to prepare for yourself? Of course, in these scenarios, it’s best to pack makeup that can be put in a matter of seconds.

The magnetic false lashes fit in this case as they snap easily on the lids. And probably one of the reasons why women love this product for their travels.

It produces the least waste.

Because of the absence of the need to use lash glue in putting on magnetic lashes, they’re probably one of the products that allow you to produce less waste while doing your makeup. In typical lashes, glue needs to be applied to get the lashes sticking to the eyes and then discarded once the day is done. But none of that happens with magnetic lashes so you get to skip the glue altogether.

Magnetic lashes are also very much reusable because of the quality that they come with. Unlike typical disposable lash extensions, you’re likely to use your magnetic lashes 5 times more than the ordinary ones. Talk about low maintenance lashes.



As magnetic lashes are making their way to mainstream beauty and cosmetics, the list goes on and on for reasons to love this product. More users are added to the list of people who express their love for this product. In no time, magnetic lashes will take over the beauty world and will become the ultimate go-to for their lash needs.

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