Shaving legs is very straightforward, but there are key points and tips on doing it properly without experiencing razor burns, skin irritations, nicks, and cuts. We have compiled it and listed down for you the five tips to knock off a good and proper shave.

TIP#1: Use a sharp razor


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Basically you need to use a sharp razor to make your shaving job easier and more neat. If the razor blade feels rough on your skin, you need to replace them and buy a new one.

TIP#2: Hydrate your skin 


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Before anything else, you need to hydrate your skin by soaking it with water. If your legs are not hydrated well, it will be more difficult to cut the hair and more chances to get skin irritations, razor burns, nicks, and cuts.

TIP#3: Always use shaving gel/cream


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Shaving gel is important since it helps the hair easier to cut and reduces the chances of skin irritations, razor burns, nicks, and cuts. It makes the legs more moisturize and let the razor glide to your skin more easily. 

TIP#4: Shave in long and steady strokes


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You don’t need to press hard on your skin while shaving if your razor blade is sharp and clean. Shave long and steady strokes. Stop and rinse the razor blade from the shaving gel/cream and the hair you get every after strokes. 

Avoid hard pressure on the bonier part of your legs and knees. Try bending your knees if you need to shave the front of your knees also, then straight it up when you need to shave the back. Avoid hard pressure on the bonier part of your legs.

TIP#5: Moisturize your legs after shaving


After you perfectly shave your legs, rinse it off with water and pat your legs with a dry towel. Use Arishine Organic Aloe Vera Gel to moisturize  your legs after shaving. It is naturally made with aloe vera extracts. Arishine organic aloe vera gel is fast absorbed, no sticky residue, and makes your skin silky smooth. It also heals small wounds and cuts which is perfect if you accidentally cut your skin during shaving.

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