5 Tips to Keep Your Magnetic Lashes the Cleanest They Can Be

Magnetic lashes are wonderful additions to the eyes and enhance the way one looks. However, it can also be a source of infection when users are not careful in observing proper hygiene practices.

These extensions are just like any beauty product. Not only will the product benefit from handling them properly but also the safety and hygiene of the user can either suffer or improve.

Below are some tips users of magnetic false lashes can follow to maintain the cleanest state possible for their lashes.

1. Replace products regularly.

We want our products to last multiple seasons if we’re honest about it. However, different items have different shelf lives which serve as the period where it is not only best to use them but also the period where it is safest to utilize them.

Certain items used in conjunction with magnetic false lashes like curlers and mascaras need to be replaced often. These products are high-risk carriers of microbes and other potential bacteria that can not only affect the quality of the magnetic lashes but also that of the user’s real lashes.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the recommended period of replacing mascaras is once every two to four months. If you see something you’re using beyond that period, drop using it or toss it completely.

2. Consider using disposables.

If you’re the type of person who wants to be sure that there’s no room for bacterial growth in your products, consider using disposables. Magnetic lashes themselves don’t require putting mascara on but users can opt for disposable wands with their products.

Don’t worry about the waste. There are multiple organizations and foundations that accept used mascaras for their causes. You can gather all your used mascaras in a given period and donate what you’ve collected to these groups.

3. Disinfect non-disposables.

Cleaning non-disposables is sometimes not enough to maintain hygiene. This act is simply removing external debris on the surface of your tools like tweezers and curlers. Sanitizing is better as it reduces the possibility of bacterial growth and amount of viruses and fungi.

The best practice is to disinfect these materials as it kills these organisms for the better. Initially, one should clean their tools with warm water and soap to remove residue. Afterward, users can utilize any disinfectant that they can find like ones sold by lash companies or simply by alcohol. Tools should be in contact with the disinfectant for 10 minutes to have full effects.

Once this process is done, make sure to dry the tools thoroughly by air drying. Do not forget to store them afterwards in a dry and sturdy protective case when not in use.

4. Handle products with the cleanest pair of hands.

As always, users should also be mindful of their own hygiene before these come into contact with products that, in turn, come near the eyes. Germs and bacteria can easily transfer from one surface to another. Make sure that you’ve properly washed your hands and used sanitizers before putting your own magnetic lashes.

5. Use trusted brands.

It always pays to be careful with the kinds of products that you use for your lashes. As a consumer of these goods, one must be able to identify which product is trusted when it comes to helping your lash tools maintain cleanliness in the best way possible.

Also, always select the brands for magnetic false lashes which feel the safest for you without having to compromise your preferences. Arishine Magnetic Lashes are a good example to begin with.


Always remember. Beauty is also a health concern. Whatever users put into their body or face to enhance one’s appearances should also be looked properly into so as not to risk their health. Constantly bear in mind that cleanliness is also true beauty in itself.

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