Health is one of the most valuable things that everyone wants to protect and preserve. Having good health helps us protect our body from any disease and expands our life than how long it should be. Maintaining the body in good condition is an advantage as it lowers the possibility of having problems that may become a severe condition. Keep the body healthy isn't easy, and it takes a whole bunch of processes to keep the body safe. There are very many things that help the body stay in condition. Some would hire a personal adviser to give health advice.

Getting a healthy body is better than getting into a good condition. Just like what others say, prevention is better than cure. Preventing the body from having a disease is better than cure it. One of the things that help preserve the body is keeping it clean. A cleaner body assures that it has fewer contaminants.

Hand Sanitizers


Contaminants are the reason why the body gets weak easily. Contaminants from the environment could be dust, bacteria, other microscopic things. They're small yet could get to do a lot of things that damage the body. Infectious diseases spread when a particle of that certain bacteria moves or flow in the open air. These things are in an environment, and it's irresistible from getting around us. We can protect ourselves by practicing proper hygiene and disinfect frequently. Disinfectants are solutions that contain certain chemicals to neutralize the bacteria. Hand sanitizers are the usual disinfectants that help protect and minimize having bacteria.

Why Hand Sanitizers?

Hand sanitizer contains a certain amount of alcohol. Alcohol is a strong component that eliminates harmful microorganisms and other types of unhealthy particles. Hand sanitizers contain 20% of water and 60% alcohol The water acts as a carrier for the ingredients and part of the hydrogel that makes it a liquidy texture. Alcohol breaks apart the outer part of the skin of the bacteria that makes them easier to terminate.

Which Hand Sanitizers should I get?

There are a lot of variants when it comes to hand sanitizers. Some hand sanitizers contain fragrance, some contain natural oil, and some contain moisturizers. The best hand sanitizers are the ones that have 60%-70% Alcohol solutions. There are also different kinds of alcohol called ethyl, denatured, isopropyl, and rubbing. Hand sanitizers containing Ethyl alcohol are the best ones, and even a few health experts recommended these kinds as disinfectants.


Which size should I have?

When it comes to sizes, you may want to consider your purpose of having hand sanitizers. Knowing who would use them helps you analyze how big or how convenient you should have. Having hand sanitizers for a public or larger group of people, you should an office size as this size caters to that number of people and would not be a problem. If you want to have one for personal use, you may want to have a single size which ideally should be 100ml.

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