As the pandemic continues, people practice virtual communication, which shows a person's face than his/her physical appearance. It makes people enhance their look and hide all the imperfections. Eyelashes are one of the features a person wants, and it catches one's attention when someone looks at them. Eyelashes give extra beauty to the eyes, but they could also be a distraction when you got the wrong one. Some people aren't gifted with great eyelashes and use false eyelashes. False eyelashes fill out the imperfection of one's eyelashes. It has different styles, and it is for specific themes. Customers find them more pleasing and satisfying when they got what suites them.

 Fake eyelashes differ in many things, such as length, thickness, and color. Eyelashes also have different types, they work the same, but they have different qualities. Each one has variants but works the same. Here are some things you need to know about eyelashes.

 Magnetic Eyelashes


Magnetic eyelashes are the latest type of false eyelashes. It is an innovation of the traditional false eyelashes. Magnetic eyelashes are widely used nowadays by social media icons, celebrity stars, influencers, and even local citizens. Several people love using magnetic eyelashes as they're convenient, and they're super easy to use. Magnetic Eyelashes works like magic as it uses magnetic force to hold up and stay on the eyelashes. It contains Iron Oxides that is within the magnetic eyeliner and base of the magnetic eyelashes.

This kind of false eyelashes is the latest trend, and it's what people usually choose. Magnetic eyelashes last for a longer period as they don't use adhesive, which stays for a while and lost its grip. It only depends on how much magnetic eyeliner you have. You can buy one or refill when you run out of magnetic eyeliner

Single Strip Lashes


Strip lashes are one of the modern false eyelashes that are in small pieces. Strip lashes work better for highlights and create different styles and other applications in making a unique look of the eyelashes. Models and fashion influencers use strip lashes to create and express their style and bring up a new fashion. Strip lashes are great false eyelashes, and it helps others explore their creative mind to make an unordinary look.

Strip lashes use adhesive, and it might fall out after a few uses as the adhesive gets worn off. Strip lashes work perfectly well, and when the adhesive gets worn off, it could still be re-adhesived and work like a new one.

 Glue-based Eyelashes


Glue-based eyelashes are the traditional or the old versions of false eyelashes. It uses adhesive to stick on hold on to the eyelashes. Glue-based eyelashes are what others use, and they prefer it to magnetic eyelashes and single strip lashes as it only requires adhesive. Some don't want to use magnetic eyelashes as they avoid using eyeliners for some health reasons, giving them the option to use adhesive or glue-based false eyelashes.

There are times when they don't stick well as the adhesives are worn out. There are adhesives or glue that replace the old ones on the false eyelashes. Arishine sells one and it is called Arishine Adhesive Eyelash Extention Glue. If you want to know more products by Arishine, visit


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