Asian Makeup Vs. Western Makeup Tricks Revealed

Everyone is into makeup. Maybe you don’t seem to check the difference but the place we live in is a great factor on how you do your look. 

Not convinced? I will show you lots of aspects to prove that Western makeup is different from the makeup of the Eastern and Asian people. I am very excited to show you this so let’s go!

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Overall Look

Asians are for natural, light, and no-makeup look while Westerns are for fierce and confident glam looks.

Skin Base

Asians want whiter glowing skin base because they use a sunscreen with SPF, while Westerns go for tan creams and oils with SPF. 

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Face Foundation

Asians like a lightweight foundation to achieve a dewy look and glowing skin effect on the other side Westerns want a more mature look so they go for matte ones.


Patterns for Asians normally have a straight effect for a more youthful look and Westerns do dark shade chiseled arched eyebrows for a more sophisticated sexy bolder look.


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Eye Makeup

Asians are fine with one swipe light, peachy or nude eyeshadows with a thin winged eyeliner and Westerns go for darker shade and smokey effect partnered with bold eyeliners matching the great eyelashes.


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Asians want to maintain the almost natural or no makeup look so still it's on peachy or light pink blush. Westerns are more extra in this, they use bronzers, highlighters for polished great looking cheeks.

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For Asian lips it’s common to see hydrated natural shades, there is also a trend for tints with concealer as well. Westerns lip trend is bold, matte, nude with unconventional colors.






That’s it I hope you now understand and have a great sense of differentiation on how people in different parts of the world do their looks. It is good to experiment and try different looks that might suit your mood for the day.

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