Beauty Edition: Simple Ways to Treat Yourself After a Long Day at Work

In a fast-paced world where women have to keep up with the standards of being a strong, independent, and self-sufficient individual, it can get really tiring. It only makes sense for individuals to look for simple rewarding moments after a very long day at work.

While there are multiple extravagant ways to relieve oneself of stress, there are very simple acts that people can do in order to rejuvenate after a long and tiring day at work. This time, we’re talking about relaxing methods in beauty edition.

Exfoliate the Feet

For some people, their feet are their most-used part of the body at work. It can be brought by commuting, having to make several walks, standing for multiple times throughout the day, or simply because of their footwear.

Exfoliating the feet after a tiring day can be a simple way to treat yourself. It almost feels like indulging in a spa treatment without going to an actual salon and spending less as much.

Foot peel masks are one of the most convenient ways of exfoliating the feet. It softens coarse and cracked heels while also removing dry and dead skin cells to reveal a healthy layer of skin afterward. At the same time, it can also increase blood circulation to your extremities.

Using foot peel masks is efficient in a way that you don’t have to scrub your feet hard and require labor to get it right. Simply soak your feet in warm water, apply the mask, and after a period of time, rinse it with warm water. You’ll have the softest heel afterward.

Using Anti-Ageing Masks

You probably keep seeing advertisements for self-care with women applying elaborate skin-related products on their faces. This is because after a busy day at work, taking care of one’s skin can be viewed by many as a chore instead of indulging in it like they would in a spa.

To quickly reset your routine at night, one can apply anti-aging masks in the forms of undereye patches. Not only does it feel good but it also gives your eyes the care they deserve after being of service to you the entire day and even for the week.

Eye masks are much smaller than face masks and are created to be concentrated with ingredients that improve dark circles under the eyes and prevent fine lines from developing. They’re easier to apply and easier to maintain in a nightly routine as well. Choose the type of eye mask that will best fit your undereye needs while at the same time gives you the luxurious feeling of self-care.

Simple Teeth Whitening

There are people who have already incorporated teeth whitening into their routines. But for those who have not yet heard, teeth whitening is possible without visiting a dentist.

After consuming lots of coffee or food that can stain the teeth, using an effective teeth whitener can bring relief to users when it comes to being able to maintain their teeth’s good appearance.

Teeth whitening does not have to be much of a chore now that there are products that come in the shape of a pen. The trick here is that users only need to brush an amount of product directly on the teeth. It’s a super easy application that does not require a lot of effort nor different tools.


It’s nice to indulge oneself in life’s simple pleasures. These do not have to come in the form of lavish expenses, trips, or materials. Simply taking care of oneself by using trustworthy products is already a luxury in itself. Not everyone has the time to do these things. So when you feel like you’re beat for the day, give yourself a little boost by doing these simple acts of self-love to relax once in a while.


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