Benefits You Can Get In Putting Hand Sanitizer At Your Office

Benefits You Can Get In Putting Hand Sanitizer At Your Office

You can get a lot of benefit in just using hand sanitizer if it happens that soap and warm water are not available. It will not only reduce risk of infection, but it will spread less germs to other people and just miss a few days at work. Well, I just recommend that you get yours now at Arishine, they give a lot of benefits for you. 


Why You Should Stop Using Hand Sanitizer | Time


  • Those alcohol-based sanitizers can lessen up to 97% of the bacteria in our hands. 


  • Having proper and good hand hygiene can lower absenteeism at work by 40%.


  • People that use a sanitizer five times each day are less likely to get sick.


  • Using hand sanitizer in 30 seconds can equal the bacteria it can kill as two full minutes of handwashing. 


In just a few and little drops of hand sanitizer makes fewer getting sick and a healthier environment for all as well.



Is using hand sanitizer really keeps you from getting sick?


If you use the hand sanitizer correctly, it can really be good to keep you away from catching a cold and flu. The more alcohol present to it, then, the more often you can see it, less harmful bacteria stay present on your hands. If you will get through the internet and look for the impact of sanitizer in the workplace, you’ll be amazed by it. Hand sanitizer reduced absenteeism for the group that uses it.  


Where should you put hand sanitizer in the office?


Germs can stay in every inch of the workplace. Might as well put hand sanitizer in these areas:



Put on every desk


You may sometimes think that you have the cleanest hands(but, sorry! You are wrong!) germs can be  present all over your desk. If you will sum up the bacteria on your keyboard, phone, and computer mouse, it averages around 30,000 organisms! Your best defense is good sanitizer.







Place sanitizers on the doors


We all know that door knobs can be one of the things that can contain more bacteria. Half of the people in the office can be affected by just one germ within hours. People who will pass by the door, like the staff and visitors, are more likely to use hand sanitizers if they’ll reach it within their arms at any entrance or exit. 


Meeting rooms should also have sanitizers


When someone is in the middle of a very intense presentation, spit can fly out of their mouth. The virus of cold and flu can even survive up to 18 hours on the hard surfaces like a boardroom table. So, placing a few bottles of sanitizer can help everyone in preventing themselves from getting sick. 


Close to the elevator 


Some may hit their floor numbers or the arrow after coughing in their hands, eating their snacks, or after using the restroom. This is why it is not surprising anymore that approximately 61% of elevator buttons are being contaminated by bacteria. Putting sanitizers near the elevator can be a big help to lessen the spreading of bacteria. 


Outside of each and every restroom


Assuming and being sure that the germs are already gone when you leave the restroom, which isn’t always the case. There were only 3% of people who washed their hands correctly. Sanitizer which is present right outside of every restroom is a solid and concrete option for you.


Have them in the breakroom too


Before and after finishing your meal, you should use a sanitizer as sink faucet, coffee maker, refrigerator door, faucet, microwave handle are something that can be covered with bacteria. Now, you can enjoy your sandwich and coffee more during your breaks. 



Use the sanitizer to help in promoting your business at: 


Trade expo and shows


As this typically includes a large crowd, it just easily means that there can be a lot of germs present around. Might as well consider the idea of offering sanitizer as your freebies for those who are going to visit your booth.




Fundraising events


Just take this as an opportunity to raise more money for your organization and for a good cause. You just promote good hygiene more to others. 


Events in the community


Small businesses tend to attend fairs and festivals to advertise. A budget-friendly freebies you might stock at your booth are hand sanitizers. Just to remind that sanitizers are good more than a germ-fighting weapon. It can help you big time to make your business more noticeable by the others. 


Grand openings


New-born business in town? Give them the right impression with the handy sanitizers for the people. They will remember your brand every time they are going to use and put sanitizers to their hands. 



The current situation with COVID-19 will make you use hand sanitizers more along with using alcohol to protect and to keep yourself safe. Staying at home? No problem! Grab yours now at Arishine online. A good news for you is that Noxid hand sanitizer gel also has alcohol, can kill up to 99.9% of germs, and is non-irritating. It's handy, so you can put it inside your purse and have it anytime and anywhere. Shop now!


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