Beware: Lash Products You Should Stay Away From... Really!

BEWARE: Lash Products you should stay away from... really!

A lot of long, thick, beautiful lash products are out on the market shelves and even online. Here are the list and kinds of products everyone should know and stay away from. Continue scrolling and read comprehensively to check out what we are talking about here to make sure you avoid these kinds of lashes and also their associated results are mentioned below. Check them out because we’re worried about you, and we always got your back. 


 The best solutions for small and sparse lashes



Best Selling Lash Kit

Don't buy this one if you don't usually use best selling products—you should run far, far away from this Arishine Magnetic Lashes Kit. It's always been the Arishine family’s most favorite among all. Because of its magnetic kit that comes with 5 pairs of glamorous magnetic lashes and a very special eyeliner containing ultra-fine magnetic particles, no need for any sticky glue! The people became very curious about its good benefits so it's been sold out for quite a while now, and have been restocked. You get the point? We fully understand if the idea of you wearing bestseller products is against your personality and will not give you complete happiness and satisfaction. 



2-in-1 Smudge-proof magnetic eyeliner


This Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner, Natural Look,Waterproof and Smudge Resistant won’t ever suit you if you don’t want a smudge-proof magnetic eyeliner that has iron oxide, causing the lashes and liner to stick together perfectly and safely. This special magnetic eyeliner is created with tiny magnetic particles to hold the magnetic eyelashes in place perfectly. This magnetic eyeliner serves as your adhesive to wear the magnetic lashes and can also be use as your classic liquid eyeliner, so I must say, don’t you ever get this one on the market if you don’t wanna have that 2-in-1, super convenient eyeliner for your cat eye look, this won’t satisfy you... really…


Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner, Natural Look,Waterproof and Smudge Resistant



Eyelash & Brow Enhancing Serum

Don’t you ever purchase and try this product if you already have long lashes and thick eyebrows or you just don’t really want to have longer, thicker lashes and brows in a snap. You won’t love this product because this will just help you strengthen, magnify, and grow lengthy your natural eyelashes and eyebrows. You will surely look for another brand because this is non-irritating, gentle, and safe for all skin types. It also comes with an applicator tip. 


Don't shop any of our magnetic lash kits and serums ‘coz the amazing results are really...not satisfying.


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