Choosing The Perfect Magnetic Lashes For Your Eye Shape & How To Use It

One of the most exciting and fun step of doing your makeup is perfecting the eye makeup. It gives much contribution to the totality of the look, eye makeup can easily make you look dramatic, sexy, or simple and fresh! 

From the eyeshadow techniques, it is a must to have the proper knowledge on how to choose your magnetic eyelashes pair not just what style but also what fits your eye shape. We need to accept that not all eyelash styles will fit our eyes and even these might make you feel better, they don’t necessarily make your eyes look better if the fit and style are wrong. 

As a matter of fact that is the reason why there are various styles of false eyelashes available not just for styles but to cater every eye shape a perfect fit lashes. So this article can be considered as a pro tip if you want to make the perfect eye makeup you ever wanted!




Round Eyes

If you happen to have large round eyes a wispy style lashes with more drama towards the outer corner is great for you. You can create a seductive cat-eye shape while curled options will add even more drama to the look.





Almond Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are also famous, not to mention RiRi has it. In this type you won’t be able to see any white above or below your iris. You can get away with almost any lash you like, and you can show off the sexy shape of your eyes with voluminous lashes that are evenly distributed all the way along the band.



Hooded Eyes or Small Eyes

Hooded or small eye shape is the most challenging as you need to create an illusion of making it more awake and open. Dramatic, long and thick lashes can often look too heavy and can make your eyes look smaller. Instead, choose lashes that are shorter and more natural-looking. Lashes that are slightly longer in the center can also help to create an illusion of depth.

That’s basically how you choose your style of magnetic eyelashes. But how do you use it? Is it your first time to use magnetic eyelashes? We will help you but this is very easy. 

  • First is shake the eyeliner apply it as you wish
  • Let it dry a bit
  • Attach the magnetic eyelashes
  • Adjust is you need to you can change position easy and effortlessly
  • And you are done!


We hope this article helped you in choosing the right style for your eye shape, go on and make the perfect eye makeup that will stun people.

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