Elements to Keep Your Nails Healthy

Everyone wants to achieve perfect health. Although it is quite tricky to do so, knowing what our bodies need will make us better in treating it right. More specifically, if you wish to know maintain healthy nails, here are some nutrients and elements that you must take note of.

1. Protein

You may think of nails as ‘dead cells’ so they don’t really need any supplement. But numerous studies have shown that protein from various food sources contribute to sturdy nails. These may include omega-3 fatty acids that are not only good for the heart but also for all around skin and nail health. Other healthy sources of protein could be oils from nuts and fish.

2. Antioxidants

Healthier and younger looking skin and nails partially depend on skin regeneration. Thanks to antioxidants, nails and skin can produce collagen that replenish old skin cells and improve elasticity of new skin layer. There are multiple sources of good antioxidants, primarily citrus fruits, spinach, and even bell peppers.

3. Vitamin E 

Sufficient blood flow to the cells are also great for skin, hair, and even nails. These improve cell regeneration and delivery of important nutrients to different parts of the body. This vitamin stimulates growth of the skin and its extensions like nails and hairs.


Now that you know about key players in nail health, people should also understand that some preventive measures can also be done to keep them in top shape. Nail fungal creams for example help prevent the development of unwanted fungal diseases the pose risk to one’s health. More importantly, these help strengthen the structure of the nails, making them well-protected from any fungal dangers.


Like Arishine’s best selling nail supplements, you’ll always be certain that your nails are protected without a sweat. Try it for yourself and see overall improvements in no time.

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