Magnetic Eyelashes have become one of the recent trends in beauty and fashion. It's been in the cosmetic industry for a long time, but the trend started after some time. Magnetic eyelashes have become the primary attraction of some cosmetic companies. It began to boom when a few social media stars and iconic models displayed a stunning look. It got the public's attention and leads to a massive launch of a new trend. Magnetic eyelashes have taken the platform and reduce the number of people using the traditional glue-based false eyelash extension. It has better sales and people find them more comfortable for some reasons. Magnetic eyelashes have a lot of things to explore. Several companies have become competitive with their magnetic eyelashes. These eyelashes may cost $15, and some may cost around $100 and may depend on specific features. Here is some information that will help you understand more about eyelash extensions.

How do they work?


Magnetic eyelashes are a piece of art, not just because of their beauty but, how they work. Unlike traditional adhesive-based false eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes do not contain any adhesives. Some had a hard time understanding how it sticks on the eyelids. Here's how it works. Magnetic eyelashes come with a magnetic eyeliner. They contain a chemical component of Iron Oxide, which has positive and negative charge atoms that attract each other and create a magnetic reaction. The process looks like magic as it uses science, which adds up an exciting feature.

How do you use it?


Like the traditional glue-based false eyelashes, apply them directly to the eyelid. But before placing them in, make sure to put enough amount of magnetic eyeliner. The more you magnetic eyeliner, it sticks well and doesn't come off quickly. Magnetic eyeliner holds better as it maintains a good grip as long as it keeps in contact with the magnetic eyeliner.

Which Magnetic Eyelashes is better?


Magnetic eyelashes may vary in different ways. They come in different styles, sizes, colors, and materials. All magnetic eyelashes work the same, but they differ in specific features. One of the most common things to consider when it comes to cosmetic products is the price. Magnetic Eyelashes have a price range of $15 as the lowest and could go up to more than $100. Both work well, but the quality may differ. The more expensive it is, the more feature it has. Some prefer to spend on the budget price as they work the same with the expensive ones.

If you're planning to get one, you may want to try Arishine's Magnetic Eyelash Set, as they're the cheapest ones on the market with decent quality. The average rating received from customers is 4.9 stars and has over thousands of reviews.

Is it safe?

Before companies released their products, they follow quality and safety features to reach a specific standard that determines if it is good enough or needs to undergo a quality control process. Every product is tested, and cosmetic companies replicate its chemicals composition to maintain its production to a certain level. Health professionals, together with some Beauty and Cosmetic Professionals, inspect every cosmetic product.

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