Fake Eyelashes And The Danger Of It

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Is it really safe to use false eyelashes?


We do love the better look that our false eyelashes give us once we finish doing our makeup but also be mindful of the serious problem it may cause on using it. False eyelashes may cause an eye infection, allergic reactions, eye injuries, and also in some cases, more serious eye problems. What can be the possible solution for you to not experience these problems?



Possible problems false eyelashes may cause 

If you are fond of using false eyelashes or considering to do so, know that everything you put around your eye has the potential to give a problem. Common problems of wearing fake eyelashes are eye infections, allergic reaction, eye injuries, or damage to your natural lashes that you surely don’t want to experience just to achieve your desired look. 


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May infect your eyes 

The infection of your eye may occur when the bacteria collects on the eyelash glue and on the false eyelash itself. For example, if you accidentally drop your eyelash on a surface before putting it on, there is a high risk that harmful bacteria and dirt that the lashes caught may enter your eye. Also, if you don't clean your eyelid after using the fake eyelashes or what more if you are sharing it with your friend, it may cause cross-contamination, eye infection may occur. 



Allergic reaction

Allergic reactions are just typically the result of the glue you have used to be able to hold fake lashes in its place. Some people can be allergic to the fiber used in making fake eyelashes. It may cause stinging, burning, swelling, or rash.



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Serious eye injuries 

More serious eye injuries that you may experience is when the fake eyelashes irritate the cornea or if the glue just thickens then falls into your eye scratching your cornea. 



Can damage your natural lashes

Using fake eyelashes more often may also cause temporary or may lead to permanent loss of your natural lashes. If you are to remove your fake lashes, it can cause breakage of the real ones and damage the hair follicle and in return, your lashes may never grow back.

Side Effects of False Eyelashes and Extensions - Dr. Alexandra


Best solution for you to still achieve your best look

The best solution to avoid eye problems by just using fake eyelashes is not to share it with others and not to wear them but it is impossible if you are really a makeup fan.

If you still want to try it, I do have a big solution for you, you may want to use and try Arishine magnetic lashes and eyeliner instead. It is safer to use as you only need to apply the magnetic eyeliner to be able to hold the lashes in its place instead of using a glue that causes a lot of problems. It is the best product I recommend for you to use and you can still achieve your favorite look.


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