Aside from the eyes, nails are the second thing that a person could observe. Everyone wants clean nails. Having clean nails is a great practice to maintain proper hygiene. Nails are one of the attractive points of a person, yet the most hassle part to keep up. Having clear and clean toenails gives the advantage of easy-go styling. Social media idols are super sensitive and strict with their maintenance, especially with how their body looks. As we all know, nails are essential to give an additional impact to a person's fashion. It is also known as the extended beauty of the hands. Some had a hard time achieving their desired nails because they encountered common nail problems like nail fungus and gel nail polish residues. These are the common problems that others encountered.

Arishine, one of the trusted cosmetic companies, has the solution for these problems. Their products are tested and have gone quality check by the professional's standards. ?They checked the Quality Control and Health Standards to ensure the customer's safety and satisfaction. Follow these easy steps, and surely you'll see the difference.

Clean Your Nails Regularly


Cleaning your nails can help prevent having common nail problems. This practice affects the surface of the nails and could determine their health. It washes off the micro bacteria that causes nail fungus, and it also cleans them from dust and dirt, the primary basis of a fungus to grow. A fungus may develop naturally, but by washing them with soap and water, you're reducing the chance of getting nail fungus.

After washing them off, keep your feet dry as much a possible. Fungi are likely to grow in a watery environment. If your nails are wet, make sure to wipe them out. Moisture on nails will attract dirt and dust. This step is just as important as the first step. Nails need to stay moisturized to prevent them from becoming brittle, but with a significant amount only.

Also, consider cutting your nails to avoid having extra space that allows fungi to grow. Having long nails are okay, but it needs to maintain clean as much as possible. The longer the nails, the high the chance of having nail fungus. Long nails are ideal for fashion, but maintaining them with proper nail hygiene keeps them clean and safe.

Use Nail Fungus Remover If Necessary


Everyone hates having nail fungus. When it came to the unsatisfying point, never hesitate to use nail fungus treatment. Before using toenail fungus treatment, make sure to clean your nails first and dry them afterward. When using the product, make sure to clean the area with fungus using a clean nail file. Filing the nail removes its outermost layer, which serves as the protective layer. And once it is gone, the nail fungus treatment can penetrate freely inside the nails, making the whole process a lot faster. It's a lot more effective and accurate in terminating the nail fungus.

Having the right brand can help you save a lot. Generic brands work well, but branded ones have something worth the price. Arishine is one of the known brands that sell nail fungus treatment, and they work pretty well. Several customers gave feedbacks and mostly discussing how satisfied they are. To know more about the product, you may visit

Use Gel Nail Polish Remover


After having such beautiful nails, it's time to enjoy and paint the nails! There are many kinds of nail polish and divided into two sections. The ordinary nail polish and gel nail polish. Gel nail polish has better quality than normal ones as it is sturdier and stronger that could last for months. Gel nail polishes are made for long-term use as nails also need to breathe. Health professionals advise gel nail polish users to practice resting periods at least one week per month. To remove gel nail polish, use gel nail polish remover. Acetone may work for ordinary ones, but gel nail polish remover has chemicals that work for gel nail polish only by dissolving the acrylic layer.

Arishine is one of the cosmetic companies that sell gel nail polish with the name Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover. It has over a thousand reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars. It has been recommended by an influencer as said by their reviews.

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