As we all know, nail arts are part of fashion, and it is also one of the noticeable features of a person. Artists and influencers paint their nails according to the type of fashion they want. As influencers made it a modern trend, their supporters are also interested in what they do and how they look. Gel nail polish is the top choice for most influencers. They love how it looks on them. It takes less time to dry, has a nice touch, and it's sturdy enough to last for a long time. People started using Gel nail polish, but some are hesitant to get one because of health issues.  Before they buy, they asked for assurance from the public if it's good and worth the price.

It is natural for a person to doubt. But making sure of the product before purchasing is a smart move. Here are some common questions asked by customers.

Is It Safe? Does It Have Side Effects?

Customers always have the right to know about the product. Knowing the product makes them gain their trust and interest in the product. Gel nail polishes are safe to use, but too much use can also damage the nail's health. It's designed to use smaller amounts only and must be applied frequently, not regularly. Gel nail polish makes the nail sturdy because it composes certain chemicals like acrylic monomers and oligomers when cured. If careless actions are involved, nails can break and may cause injuries. Nails also need to breathe to maintain it's natural structure.

Gel nail polish has no side effects. Using gel nail polish the proper way can lower the risk of encountering nail problems. Happy nails, Happy life.

Is It Worth the Investment?

This question is the one question that people are looking in. Several people already made a review with different kinds of gel nail polish. In terms of quality and safety, there were some concerns but not that much. Quality and safety have been check by professionals whether it passes the standards or not. Many reviews are stating that this type of nail polish helps them save a few dollars. They spend less than the usual nail polish because gel nail polish needs a small amount when applied. And it uses it a few times only.

Some claimed that the price was costly, and some say they got the right price. Well, it all depends on the brand and its size.

How Can I Remove It? Can I Do It When I Want To?

Gel nail polish is completely removable. Just like the ordinary nail polish, acetone helps it clean and remove the nail polish. However, gel nail polish has a different type of cleaners or remover, and it's called Gel Nail Polish Remover and has certain ingredients that soften the gel. It helps remove the gel nail polish (if needed) in a smooth and convenient process. Some used these to change gel nail polish color every time they want, and it is highly discouraged as frequent use of nail polish may cause nail damage. Doctors encouraged the public to apply gel nail polish at least two times a month.

Arishine’s Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover is one of the gel nail polish removers, and it works pretty well. It cleans well and leaves a decent look on the nails.

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