Getting Away with Acne Scars in 7 Simple Ways

Acne affects a big population all around the world. Both youngsters and adults experience this kind of condition which can become uncomfortable and a hassle. It primarily involves hormonal changes in the body coupled with external factors including diet, lifestyle, and hygiene practices.

For this reason, there have been many methods and products developed to help counter acne and its effects. It is hard to deny the many items and services being marketed which target people with this condition. However, no matter what is being offered, it’s best to know the basics of treating acne and its aftermath.

Be Gentle With Your Skin Care Routine

Irritating the outer layer of the skin through excessive scrubbing and rubbing contributes to the overproduction of oils toward the surface and further damage already-existing scars. It increases the tearing of the skin and further damages scars that are repairing.

Just like any wound on the body’s skin, it is advised to use gentle materials when removing dirt on the surface. There are gentle exfoliants such as brushes with soft bristles that help remove debris on the face. On the other hand, there are also chemical exfoliants that work their way deeper into the skin to help skin cell regeneration from the inside out.

Simplify Your Products

It’s a common misconception of many that acne and acne scars require rigid skincare routines. However, putting too many products and ingredients together can sometimes do more harm than good. Too many chemicals working at once lose their effectiveness.

Stick to products that do the basics such as cleaning and removing the dirt, providing enough moisture to the skin, and protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Choose products that your skin is already comfortable with.

Avoid Picking or Squeezing Pimples

Seeing pimples can tempt us to pinch them so we can get rid of those zits. However, it is an unhealthy practice as it increases the risk of bacterial infection and potential of scarring. This act can push more dirt and debris inside the infected pore, further causing damage to the skin.

Allow the pimple to subside on its own and avoid touching the zit with dirty hands. If your doctor recommends a pimple treatment cream, that should be good enough for you.

Do Not Pick at Scabs

If acne scars are already happening, resist the temptation to pick at the scabs that are forming. This prolongs the healing process of the acne and can open the skin to higher risks of infection. When a scab is picked repeatedly, it can deepen the scar and make the skin pigment darker.

Eat Healthy and Hydrate

Just like in the cases of skin allergies, acne can also be positively or negatively affected by what a person eats. Eating oily and salty food may contribute to the oil production of your skin or simply throw off your hormonal balance. Some people’s skin may also react negatively to dairy and sugary products.

A good alternative to chocolates and sweets are fruits and grains. Also, the skin will benefit from regular hydration. A well-hydrated skin is more able to repair itself and the results will definitely show on the surface.

Have Exercise and Rest

Moving the body around is a good way to get the blood flowing in the right places. It does not only strengthen the muscles but it also helps the skin get the right amount of nutrients that it needs to repair.

Getting the right amount of sleep also does more benefit than one can imagine. Not will it only result into better mental abilities and mood, it also allows the skin to heal properly especially when one has acne problems and acne scars. Did you know that getting enough sleep – not too much or less than required – plays a big role in hormone regulation that in turn affects acne?

Use Acne Scar Creams

If you’re in a skin situation that requires action, do not fret. There are still products out there that can be trusted when it comes to skin repair. For example, Arishine Scar Repair Creams exist to help users manage the appearance of scars in terms of depth and pigmentation. In time, users will observe improvement on their skin’s condition.


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