Giving Yourself A Natural Eye Lift

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Aging is a natural thing to happen to all of us. Unfortunately, our eye area tends to be the first area where you can see it. The thinnest skin on our whole body is the skin around our eyes, losing the elasticity and the dark circles under the eyes can give away our age easily. This is why we are going to give and show you easy tips and tricks to give yourself a natural eye lift with skincare and makeup.

Be friend with your eye cream

The first step to a natural eye lift while at home is to invest in an eye cream. You’ll need to do your part and you should take care of your skin. Just consider getting an eye cream that can help on increasing hydration, promote elasticity, put up collagen, and lessen puffiness. It is important to look for ingredients to like Retinol(use at night only), Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Applying an eye cream: 

  • Use only a rice size amount for each of your under-eye and place them on your index finger.


  • Just gently tap around your under-eye up until your skin absorbs it. 


  • Take note that you should not rub or pull your eyes as this can damage the skin.



Light up your eyes

There may be four places that you may want to highlight to be able to give your eyes a natural eye lift. Before that, make sure that you have a concealer and a powder or cream highlighter that you can use. It is strongly recommended not to use a highlighter with a big portion of glitter. Use something that has very refined mica instead, this may give a glow in your skin instead of a sparkle.

  • Put it under your eye: Use a concealer which is a half shade lighter than your foundation and apply it under your eye. Using your index finger, gently tap it from your tear-duct area until the outside edge of your eye.
  • Corner of your eye: Hold your highlighter and tap it through the tear duct area of your eye.
  • Under the eyebrow: Apply a light shade eyeshadow and sweep them below your brow shape as it will help to lift your eyes.
  • Above your eye: Lastly, highlight your brow bone above as well right next of the arch.

Lift up your brows

One of the best ways to give yourself a natural eye lift is to be able to pay attention to your eyebrows. Your full eyebrow with a natural can give both quick lift and a more young appearance. Use a brow pencil in filling in your brows, this can give a more natural look to the eyebrow. Learn a few tips if you don't know how to shape your brows with a pencil.

Hold the brow pencil vertically next to each nostril and find the beginning of your brows, marking the spots where it will land next. This is where it begins. Keeping it in, pivot its end to the outside of your iris, where your arch should be and mark it too. For you to find where it will end, pivot your pencil again until it lines up with the outside of your eye and of course, mark it. Now, begin in filling it with tiny strokes in the same direction of your natural eyebrow hairs. Remove unwanted brow hair, comb it with brow brush and blend it with your natural hairs.

Put on false lashes

Traditional fake lashes?  Nope! Get started with Arishine magnetic lashes now! It will add length and volume to your eyelashes, instantly lift your eyes and also make them appear more big and bright. Be informed that these are just easy-on magnetic lashes to apply, no more complicated lashes application! No more mess and stress! 

First, curl your lashes. Apply the magnetic eyeliner along your lash line, start from the inside corner until the outside edge of your eye and let them dry for three minutes. After drying it, you can now put on your magnetic lashes and watch it instantly locked with your magnetic eyeliner! 

Grab the Arishine magnetic liner and lashes now and enjoy your natural eye lift tips! Don't hesitate now in choosing your lash!

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