Go With Your Fake Lashes No Matter What Your Age Is!

Go With Your Fake Lashes No Matter What Your Age Is!


Wearing fake lashes is in whatever your age is, always remember that age is just a number. You can still make yourself look young but it depends upon you. Your age won’t ever stop you to glam your eyes. Don’t even think twice about wearing Arishine magnetic lashes, go for it even at your fifty and you’ll definitely love it! We will also give you a guide to applying your magnetic lashes with just quick and easy steps all for you.


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You will be amazed how easy you can apply these lashes. Surely, you’ve struggled on applying the traditional lashes using a glue before, then go with this Arishine magnetic lash that you can apply easily and have it without any complication. See and follow this quick and easy guide.



How To Apply Magnetic Lashes Even After 50!


Step 1: The first thing you have to do is to figure out what lash style fits your eye shape perfectly.  Trying a full lash even if you are over 50? No problem! Go for it, you can still slay that look! I’m sure of it. Don’t think of your age too much because our lashes can still make you more stunning than ever. Choose the best lash to fit your style.


Step 2: Our lashes come with its perfect combination, which is the magnetic eyeliner. Grab and apply it along your upper lash-line. Be sure to apply it closer to your lash-line as possible. After finishing it, wait until it dries for 3 minutes or it is completely dry after touching it.


Step 3: Lastly, probably the most awaited part, go with your magnetic lash style and put it next to your lash-line. Wait and see your lashes instantly lock into the magnetic liner. This will just take seconds! Love the glam it will to your eyes. 




These magnetic lashes are always here for you no matter your age is! Because you can have them with just easy steps, you can do it! What are you waiting for? Shop now!


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