Hand Sanitizer As Your Alternative For Handwashing

Hand sanitizer as your alternative for handwashing

It is much recommended to wash your hands with soap and water as much as possible as it will reduce the amount of all types of germs and chemicals present on your hands, most especially, during this time of COVID-19. Well, absence of soap and water may happen sometimes, one of the best alternatives is the use of hand sanitizer with at least 60% of alcohol to help avoid getting sick and the spread of germs. Keep in mind that you should keep your hands clean as much as you can. 


Hand Sanitizer is not a substitute for hand washing | Shenandoah University


Hand sanitizers that contain alcohol can rapidly decrease the number of bacteria and germs on your hands. 

Why is that? Washing your hands with soap and water is one effective way to remove certain kinds of germs, what more if you are going to partner it with using hand sanitizers? It will become very effective, then. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are able to inactive many types of bacteria and virus effectively if you are going to use it correctly. Some people may not be using enough volume of hand sanitizers or can possibly wipe it off before drying it, so better avoid doing it. 

Make sure that your hands are not visibly dirty or oily to get the effectiveness of hands sanitizers. 

Why? There were studies that showed that hand sanitizers can work well in the clinical settings, where their hands come into contact with the germs but are not heavily dirty or oily. They can work well on going against certain types of germs on slightly dirty hands. Hands can be dirty and oily in community settings, such as after working in the garden, handling food, playing sports, and many more. Make sure that your hands are not too dirty to effectively use hand sanitizers. 

Correct and proper application of hand sanitizers can play a big part to get the work that’s meant for them.

You should properly cover all surfaces of your both hands if you are going to use hand sanitizer. You can possibly get the defense that it can give and go against the germs, as you consider it as your alternative for handwashing. Who wouldn’t love being safe, right?

Put sanitizers away from the reach of children. 

Place and store your hand sanitizers where children can't reach it. You may prevent alcohol poisoning if you are using alcohol-based sanitizers, as children might unintentionally swallow them after getting hold of it. Its scent and bright colored packaging can be attractive on their eyes, so you should always supervise them while they are playing around. 



Considering now the idea of using hand sanitizer as your alternative in handwashing? You just made the right decision, most especially, that COVID-19 continues to be a big problem right now. I recommend that if you will look for it online, shop and get yours from Arishine. Their Noxid hand sanitizer gel just go as follows:


  • Don’t easily comes off even after washing,
  • Has alcohol
  • Very gentle and is non-irritating
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  • Can kill up to 99.9% of germs


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