Handling Toenail Fungus

Handling Toenail Fungus

What is toenail fungus? It is an infection that is getting through the cracks in your nails or even cuts in your skin. It causes your toenail to change color or get thicker. It hurt as well. Fungus tends to grow on the toes because usually it is warm and damp. Fungi and yeasts that are of different kinds affect different parts of your nail. If you left it untreated, the infection can spread to the other toenails, skin, or even in your fingernails. 

Symptoms: Nails that are infected appear thicker than the normal and bended or oddly shaped. They can easily break and look yellow. The white dot shows up and then it will get bigger. If the fungus starts to build up under your nail, it will loosen or even separate your nail from the bed, and spread to the skin around your nail as well. 



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Who catches toenail fungus? 

Unfortunately, men are the ones who are more likely to get it than women. Your age matters too in getting this one. People with a weak immune system, diabetes, athlete’s foot, who smoke, or the one whose family already have it are at a higher risk. The chance of getting toenail fungus goes up if you will spend a lot of time in the water or if you have injured your toenail. 

Have it checked by the doctor. It may sometimes look like other conditions, then, have your toenail checked by a doctor. You need to check it with the specialist who specializes for it, like a podiatrist or a dermatologist. They might brush off some of the affected part and directly send it to a lab to figure out what’s causing the problem. 

Treatment. The treatment you will do for your toenail fungus will depend upon which fungus you have and how bad your infection is. Your specialist may try one thing or a combination: 

  • Topical cream that goes on the nail
  • Topical nail lacquer
  • Prescribe an antifungal pill 
  • Laser treatment that helps in removing the damaged area of the skin or nail. 

Always take proper care of your toes. Wash your feet with soap and water and dry it well, as well as between your toes. Trimming your toenails is important too, make sure that the tools you are using are clean. Wash the clippers properly with soap and water, and use rubbing alcohol to it. Applying polish to cover up your discolored nails might be tempting but it won’t let your nail bed breathe which will keep the fungus from going away. 

Keeping your feet dry and clean is good. Be smart in choosing your footwear and socks. Always change them regularly. Choose something that will let the air move through it, like mesh or canvas. Wear shower shoes in public places that are wet like swimming pools and locker rooms. 

Know your own toes. Check and take a look at your nail beds and the skin that surrounds your toenails regularly, see for changes in color and texture, as well as for cuts or any damages. If something hurts, if the symptoms don’t improve or it gets worse, call your doctor. 

Try online products. You probably look for something online to treat your nail fungus. Then, check and see Arishine’s nail repair cream or their pencil bright biological repair pencil. Aside from being so effective, they are just easy to use and very affordable. It will help you in treating your toenail fungus, use your desired item between these two regularly and see how effective it is after 2-4 weeks. You will surely love this! Shop and get yours now!

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