Have Yourself A Natural Looking Makeup!

Have Yourself A Natural Looking Makeup!

The dewy skin, that non-contour-contour, a pop of blush, and of course, lashes! We’re going to tell you how you can rock that natural makeup look with some serious inspo. You can do this without doing a heavy makeup routine, which helps you if you are just starting to learn how to do your own look. Read carefully and do it yourself. Achieve natural makeup looks with a gorgeous glow, glossy lips, and lashes! 

Here are your basics:

Dewy Skin: It’s not about that shiny skin, we want that glow-up kind of look that vibrates radiance. But before that, have your moisturizer first and then followed by applying your foundation. Be sure to choose the correct foundation shade for your skin tone.

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Bronzer and highlighter: Placing your bronzer and highlighter correctly is one of the keys here. Don’t try to do heavy contouring now, non-touring can go with this. Apply your bronzer in the areas where the sun hits and your non-sparkly highlighter above your eyebrows, cheekbones, cupid's bow, and on the bridge of your nose too.

Glossy and nude-ish shade: Do you have lips with glossy or perfect shade of nude? Well, let's just push it through even though you don’t have it. Go on with some high-glossy gloss, fresh, or a sophisticated nude shade that suits you well.

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Don’t forget your lashes: In completing your whole natural look, don’t leave behind your lashes, treat this as essential and not just optional. Well, let me give Arishine magnetic eyeliner and lashes as my recommendation for you. They’re easy to use, can last all day long and not messy to use than your typical false lashes. You will love to use this one, that’s for sure.

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We’re done with the lips, blush, and your eyeshadow -- There you have it! You have your gorgeous, mauve-monochromatic makeup look that will surely kill it. Full natural looking get up, featuring a good looking magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner.

It’s just easy, right? Always try to do it with these magnetic eyeliner and lashes that I've suggested for you. You may think if they are safe to use? Well, it is, you don’t have to think twice and go for it! You can surely rock your look.


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