Heading Out? Check your Lashes! Here’s Why.

These days, heading out seem to be an event people look forward to. That’s why in all your outdoor endeavors, be it day or night, you always have to check your lashes. And here are the reasons why.

1. Good lashes protect the eyes.

Starting off with functionality, good lashes have the ability to protect your eyes from sweat, dust, and many pollutants. Some people are born with ultra short lashes which makes lash extensions or false lashes a necessity.

2. A long wear pair with take you far.

With the many kinds of lashes available on the internet and in physical stores, make sure you put on ones that don’t fall easily. It’s for this reason why magnetic false lashes have become popular lately. They don’t easily get flown or blown away because of the ultra strength of the bond between the band and the eyeliner used to draw and act as an adhesive in between.

3. Some lashes are fit for different occasions.

Okay. This might be a bit extra. But you might want to check the kind of lashes you’re wearing for a certain event. There are more dramatic ones that are perfect for parties and gala events. While there are more neutral designed lashes that are more appropriate for formal and business meetings.

4. Irritation can be a problem.

If you’re someone with an easily irritable set of eyes or if you’re someone who’s not used to chemicals on their eyes, might as well check if lash adhesives are a bane of your existence. This is might be the right opportunity for you to switch to more eye-friendly alternatives like magnetic false lashes because it no longer needs lash glue which can cause irritation on the eyes if left for too long.

5. Ill-fitting lashes are prone to accidents.

Not just some beauty accidents. Ill-fitting lashes can actually pose some risk to the eyes if they’re too long or too short. It can damage the eyeballs themselves and will lead to bigger eye issues. Best solution here is to check whether the lashes you’re going to wear have the same lash band length as your lash line. If not, make some adjustments by cutting edges. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. And most importantly, one must be comfortable and confident with how he or she looks with magnetic false lashes on their eyes.

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