Home Remedies Against Eye Strain

Relax your eyes with these effective home remedies against eye strain

You can experience eye strain if you are too exposed in books, computer screens, and as well as to other electronic devices that may result in headache, dry or watery eyes, and eye irritation. 

Even though there are readily available medicine like eye drops and other medicines, there are also natural ways to relieve your eye strain. Give it a try and see if it is an effective home remedy for you.


10 tips for computer eye strain relief



Massage your eye

If you are to try this to relieve your eye strain, clean your fingers and use it to massage your eyelids, the muscle above the eyebrows, the under-eyes and your temples too. It helps in increasing blood circulation and relaxes the muscles around your eyes. 

For a smoother massage, use a few drops of olive oil, aloe vera gel, or eye cream.


Sunlight is not only good for overall health but it is also good for your eyes. Catching the fresh ray of sun can be helpful for you. Find a window at your home which receives plenty of sunlight, just close your eyes, and let the sunlight warm your  eyelids. Don't use eyeglasses or contact lenses while doing this. 


You should not stare directly at the sun if you are going to use this method.




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Do some warm compress

This is a great way for you to relax your eye muscles and can also help in relieving your dry 

eyes after using the computer for a long day. All you have to do is dip a soft cloth into the warm water, close your eyes, and then, put them to your eyelids and find yourself a comfortable place to lie down. You can repeat this process at least three times by just taking a deep breath for one minute. 

You can also do it with cold water

This can help in improving your blood circulation and to relax strained eyes. It has the same process as the warm compress method, but you will deep clean the cloth in cold water. If you experience puffiness or swelling around your eye area caused by eye strain, wrap some ice cubes in the clean cloth and do this for two minutes, it will help in decreasing the puffiness.

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Lastly, try aloe vera

You can use aloe vera gel of Arishine, it can be used onto the strained eyes and leave it for at least 10 minutes. This aloe vera is 100% natural and is made of organic aloe vera. Rich in natural antioxidants and minerals and has natural cleansing properties. Aloe vera has natural healing and soothing properties that can help to lessen puffiness and to increase blood circulation on the eye area. 


Combining these remedies with 30-45 minutes break of near work, balanced diet for more healthy and strain-free eyes.

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