Importance And How To Use Hand Sanitizer

Importance And How To Use Hand Sanitizer

Everyone might experience one those days. Stuck at your home, stay wrapped in blankets, consuming a lot of bowl soup, and remembering to regret every hand shake you have given to other people during the past days and weeks. You’ve just caught the flu. But at the moment, it is not good to catch them as COVID-19 continues to scare people and keep on spreading. Well, it is important to make sure you always come prepared, including your handwashing, cleaning, and sanitizing procedures. Go through this guide of hand sanitizing and fighting against germs.

How to make hand sanitizer at home: recipe, benefits


What are the benefits I can get in using hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers which are alcohol-based helps in stopping the spread of germs and those illness-causing bacteria in busy places like offices and schools. 

Prevents the spread of germs: There is a study that says 1 out of 5 people don’t regularly wash their hands(which is not a good thing to do during this COVID-19). So, putting hand sanitizer in the key areas like your bathroom and kitchen can most likely make people use them in killing harmful bacteria. 

Boosting the promotion of good hygiene: Keep a healthy build can be a productive one. Letting and encouraging the usage of hand sanitizers in schools can help in reducing absenteeism.

Decrease waste: Using a paper towel is a usual thing to do. But if you will place hand sanitizers near the exits can make it easy for the people in defending themselves against the germs without the need and creation of additional mess. 

Effectively using hand sanitizer.




At this time, it is really important to use hand sanitizer(along with alcohol) properly in ensuring it will do its meant job -- getting rid of the germs before it spreads. 

Dirty hands? Don’t use hand sanitizer then. These hand sanitizers don’t intend to clean your hands, they just help in disinfecting residue like dirt or oil preventing them from getting through to your skin. 

Using the right amount: Just apply enough amount to totally coat every part of your hands. Don’t forget the back of your hands and fingers too. 

Rub until the hands are dry: This can make you sure that it’s come to touch within the most important surfaces of your hands. 

Not getting sick during these scary times will be one of the best things that ever happens to you. That’s partnering your handwashing with hand sanitizer can be the best partner and combo. Thinking where to buy your own hand sanitizer? Well, I suggest  that you just shop online if you are staying at home(or even going outside), grab and try Arishine’s Nixod hand sanitizer gel. This can help you in killing 99.9% of germs, comes very handy, and it has alcohol too. Things you may consider in buying your hand sanitizer. Get yours now!

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