Let’s Face It: Answers to Your Acne Scar Questions

One of the most controversial topics when it comes to skin health is acne. A big percent of the majority may have suffered this condition in the past or are currently going through this dilemma.

To begin with, acne defined is the occurrence of infected glands in the skin which is often characterized by red spots and pimples on the face. However, acne can also happen in different parts of the body like the back.

Acne Scars

Pimples themselves are a hassle to deal with. Now, imagine being reminded of these in the future when they leave marks on your skin in the forms of scars? Pretty much annoying and defeating on the self-esteem, right?

Acne scars can appear in different forms. From slight discolorations to darker pigments and craters, these occur when the body does not produce enough collagen when pimples subsides and attempts to heal itself.

Many individuals have questions about acne, whether affected with it or not. So to no longer keep people guessing, here are some questions we provide light to.

Are acne scars forever?

Similar to any kind of scarring on the skin, acne scars tend to stay permanent on the skin. However, over time, the body can gradually improve its appearance. It is possible for it to have lighter pigments and to have lessened depth.

The good news here is that the world of dermatology is constantly developing products and techniques in hopes to improve one’s condition. Some of these come in the form of healing creams and microneedling services.

Can picking contribute to acne scars?

There’s more danger to just scarring when people pop their zits. First, pinching pimples damage the outermost layer of the skin, stretching it and causing micro-incisions and abrasions.

Second, 80% of the pus is pushed deeper into the skin instead of being popped outward when someone tries to extract their pimples without the help of a professional.

Fortunately, there are products and services available that can help pimples minimize and heal properly before they turn to scarring. Also, proper washing of the face can do a great deal in keeping the face bacteria-free and minimize the inflammation.

Do I have to undergo surgery to treat my acne scars?

Technology has allowed more methods of treating acne scars today. While there are individuals who are content with not going through treatments, the number of options for such is expanding.

Surgery is one of the leading methods in treating acne scars. However, this is not the only solution to alleviate the condition. Creams, rollers, professional, and other forms of microneedling are some of the few widely available options.

How is makeup going to affect my healing?

It is understandable that for some individual, makeup is essential to what they do in the daily. When one has acne scars, makeup can temporarily conceal those spots.

There’s no stopping anyone when it comes to putting on makeup even if they have acne scars. The only thing to remember here is that one must select products that do not trigger resurgence of zits. Also, it is a must to remove makeup at the end of the day before going to bed. Replenish what your skin has lost throughout the day by adding some hydrating creams and healing creams as well if you’re leaning towards using the latter.



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