Magnetic Eyelashes VS Glue Lashes: Which is better?

Maybe you are here because you are extremely curious about the trending Magnetic eyelashes, you might have seen it while scrolling thru Facebook or maybe posted by an influencer or friend on Instagram. Well you are on the right page, in this blog I will tell all the little secrets about this product and why you should leave your traditional-dangerous glued eyelashes. Let’s begin!

From the word itself you will get the hint, it uses magnets- yup! I will break down why a lot of beauty enthusiasts are going crazy for this:

First is it’s new! In the beauty field what’s new is in and basically what’s old but good remains. In this case it’s new and it is believed that it’s good enough to knock off the traditional falsies which uses glue.

Glue can cause some people to stay away because of harsh chemicals that cause their sensitive skin around the eyes irritated. In fact lash glues have been rated amongst the most toxic of all beauty products on the market today for its high concentration of chemicals such as formaldehyde. That chemical is being linked to developmental or reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity, and neurotoxicity and is a confirmed carcinogen by the National Cancer Society. Believe it or not all all glues contain that even they claim not to have one. More of are latex which cause allergic reactions in many individuals, ammonia, phthalates and many more. Another harsh chemical is sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, this is a skin and eye irritant that can actually cause permanent damage to your eyes. So you better be extra careful.

Here I will show you an image of traditional and magnetic eyelashes kit looks like:



Traditional Glued Eyelashes




Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner Kit

It’s easy, simple, and very convenient to use but since it needs a magnet it means you need the specialized eyeliner so it will have something to attach with. All you have to do is draw your favourite style winged eyeliner and let it dry a bit for around 3 seconds then you can attach the magnetic eyelashes easily. You can change quickly as well if it needs adjustments, detach and attach to desired position.

Aside from what mentioned above more special things to love popped in as well that will really convince you to do the switch, the eyeliner is smooth, smudge-proof, waterproof, easy to apply and remove, eyelashes is reusable up to 30x per pair and it’s safe especially if you will compare it to glued ones. 




Trust me you will save much time and effort when you try this product. To really get you to switch, there are also offers that will cater all the look you wanted  from the most natural look to the most 3D dramatic look all in one complete set. The price is cheap for all the bundles you will get. 

I’m not sure why you are still scrolling this article but I think what you should do now is get yourself one and prove all the miracles to yourself! Check out your favorite bundle. We will link our most recommended shop here:


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