Magnetic Eyeliner Is It Safe To Use?

Long, full-volumed, and beautiful-looking eyelashes -- all girls want it. For a long time, girls deal with messy and irritant-prone glued eyelash extension but just recently beauty industry was thrilled with a surprise product. The all-new magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes it works without using glue and just magnets. The eyelashes have 5 points of magnets that attaches to the formula of eyeliner with iron magnets.

The question is, are magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes safe?

The short answer appears to be yes. It’s not a problem with the magnets adhering to the eyelid skin, as long as they don’t accidentally penetrate into your eye. Magnets do not cause any kind of disruption in your eye movements or your vision.

Are the ingredients safe and non-toxic?

The magnetic eyeliner is comprised of iron oxides. Iron oxides are mineral deposits and can cause staining of the skin. However, it is in a variety of makeup and skincare products (eye shadows and normal eyeliners) and is regulated by the FDA. The iron oxide in the magnetic liner is synthetic, so it doesn’t have ferrous or ferric oxides.

So generally this new trend is very safe, I myself have sensitive eyes so I make sure whatever products I use are safe for me. The eyeliner is just one perfect swipe then the lashes will fit perfectly. It is easy to put and remove so I’m sure irritation will not be a problem. 


If any chance you would like to try using magnetic lashes you can check the product here: Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit and tell us what you think about it. Is it really the solution to our lash glue problems? Give it a try and let us know!



  • Laurie

    I love them!!! I went to a cookout and It was 90 degrees outside. I love to wear false lashes, and in the past wearing false lashes with glue in hot weather is worrisome. I didn’t have to worry about my lashes lifting with Arishine magnetic lashes. I would like to have the option to purchase single, two are three pairs, vs five or more. I’ll be buying Arishine magnetic lashes from now on.

  • Barbara Susco

    Prime delivered the magnetic eyelash set to me which I did not order!!!! What can I do Amazon is way to call!!

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