Magnetic False Lashes and Why They're Great for the Eyes

We can’t deny and hide it. The beauty world is evolving every day. More and more products are getting added to shelves and marketplaces that it’s sometimes getting difficult to track which is which. But there’s one product that’s standing out and is clearly attention-grabbing from the get go – magnetic false lashes.

To see why there is so much hype going on around this product, we observed a few people and asked them what they liked so much about this product. Here are the top three answers that we found interesting.

It’s super light on the eyes

Most of the people we talked to have expressed their love for magnetic lashes because of how comfortable these are on the eyes. Primarily, they pointed out that it’s a pair of lashes that are undeniably lightweight.

One user hunched that maybe it’s because the product does not use lash glue anymore. And that makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks to the magnetic particles of the lashes that can stick to the magnetic eyeliner, there’s an entire layer of lash glue that doesn’t get involved in the makeup process anymore.

Fits almost any look

Now that most women and people around the globe are working around the clock and cannot be bothered to have multiple items to choose from, they now prefer makeup items that just fit almost anything that they put on their face. And magnetic false lashes fall just right into that box.

A fan of the magnetic lashes just expressed that her love for the product grew deeper when she realized that she can wear it with whatever makeup look she decided to put on the day. And according to her, it’s helped her narrow down her choices, making it easier to keep tabs of her makeup products as well.

Hypoallergenic and Clean 

It’s true that there’s a lot of concern going on about cleanliness of products because of how easy it can be to get sick when products are too hard to clean. But this pair of magnetic lashes make it so much easier for users to maintain this product.

Take it from a comment of someone who said that she didn’t have to get rid of glue at the end of the day which some people usually neglect at the end of the day. That just sounds hygienic. Good thing that magnetic false lashes don’t have to involve hard to remove residues of lash glue.

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