Magnetic False Lashes: The New Makeup Gurus Best Friend

If there are people who have the need to constantly upgrade their makeup skills and techniques, it’s the makeup artists and beauty gurus who we learn from. These individuals bank on their tools and skills to keep up with the changing landscape of beauty.

However, loads and loads of products are coming out every now and then. It can also overwhelm these experts. How then do they know which ones are effective and which ones are not even worth using? Let’s take a look at magnetic false lashes.


It wasn’t too long ago when magnetic false lashes started entering the market. Different brands advertised how these products were beneficial to ladies and users everywhere. But is it going to impress beauty gurus? To know, here are some standards that beauty and makeup experts use to test if a type of lashes is going to be their new best friend.

  1. Comfortable on the client

Makeup experts, especially when they have specific clientele, always make sure that they make their clients feel comfortable and confident after availing of their services. These professionals are hired to enhance their appearance and boost the way they feel about how they look. It is no good when they utilize tools and products that do the opposite.

For this reason, magnetic lashes are a great option to top off the look as they feel lightweight and comfortable on the lids of the client. They don’t add extra weight and they shed off the nuisance of normal lash glue since the latter product is no longer needed in the process.

  1. Easy to apply

Professionals in the makeup world also opt for products that are the easiest to apply not only for the purpose of making their jobs easier but also to not waste their client’s time. Although there are clients who don’t mind waiting and the laborious processes in doing makeup, it still pays to get products that improve the entire procedure.

The use of magnetic false lashes can be easily applied in a single snap. There’s none of that sophisticated step of applying glue to the lids anymore. Instead, these lashes can be popped right onto the eyes of after the eyeliner application. Do we say? Of course!

  1. Flexible with different looks

Regardless of the color of eyeshadow the client wants, the style of the look, some products need to be consistent throughout. For example, some lashes can be worn with multiple looks. And some eyeliners also are flexible with different get-ups.

It is then no wonder that women who go for different looks in a day also go for this pair of magnetic lashes – because of their flexibility no matter what kind of makeup you wear.

  1. Longevity when applied

Certainly, makeup artists take pride in their works of art when it lasts the longest on their client. No client would also pay some amount of money to beauty gurus only to end up having to retouch and adjust their makeup multiple times throughout the day. So imagine how awesome it would be if they use products that cooperate in this goal of theirs?

Magnetic false lashes give justice to the works of art of beauty professionals. They stay standing for very long hours on the face without needing to redo them often. The magnetic particles allow this to happen so clients and artists alike can depend on these lashes to do the job.

  1. Hassle-free when traveling

Lastly, makeup professionals may have to travel back and forth locations to wherever their clients are. They obviously need flexible products that can be easily packed, regardless of their conditions. For this, when a product is too bulky or requires many other paraphernalia for it to work, they’re probably not going to make it to the artist’s bag.

As for magnetic false lashes, there’s no need to worry about how this gets packed in the bag. Plus, it requires the least number of products for it to be up and usable for the client.


Magnetic false lashes are the latest tools that makeup artists can be best friends with. It’s hip, it’s inventive, it’s beneficial, and it’s cool to impress clients with.

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