Magnetic Lashes 101: Types of Lashes You Need to Know About

People with short lashes no longer have to worry about looking their best despite not putting on loads of makeup. False lashes are easily and readily available in the market that caters to different people and suiting a myriad of preferences.


Just like makeup, there are different variations to lash extensions. These are usually made from synthetic hairs that are shaped and put together to mimic real lashes in the most natural way possible.

But did you know that there are different kinds of false lashes to choose from? That all depends on your level of comfort and convenience in applying these products. It is important to know which type of lashes you wish to have so you can identify which to buy for yourself.

Full Strip Lashes – Glue-Based

The most common type of false lashes available in the market is the full strip lashes. This is the type of false lashes wherein strands of hair are stuck to a band which is in turn glued or attached to the upper lash line of the eye.

Full strip lashes are also considered the beginner’s lashes since they are the easiest to apply by oneself. It often makes use of glue as the typical application goes. However, changes in technology allow improvement for this type of lashes.

Full Strip Lashes – Magnetic Eyelashes

To ease things for the beginner, magnetic eyelashes are popping up in the market and have become a new crowd favorite. These are similar to the typical full strip lashes with the only difference being is that these no longer require lash glue but just magnetic particles.

These are the easiest to apply without anyone’s help. It only makes use of magnetic particles paired with either magnetic eyeliners or simply another strip of false lashes. Magnetic false lashes also come in different styles and volumes that are perfect for different preferences and level of comfort when wearing them.

Flare Lashes

This type of false lashes is usually applied and handled by makeup artists or aesthetics personnel. Unlike full strip lashes, these are strands of hair in bundles that are applied in batches on the eye depending on which area needs volume.

An advantage of using this type of lashes is that users and makeup artists can decide the look that they’re going for with these lashes. Each look becomes different depending on which area is volumized more through putting flare lashes. On the other hand, users might find it difficult to apply on their own and might need the help of a professional in doing it properly.

Single Lashes

To top it all of is the single lashes type used by salon technicians. This type of false lashes is the more permanent one as it is attached to the user’s real lashes. They also require the skillset of a lash technician as application of these lashes is more tedious.

Single lashes are similar to flare lashes as they can be more concentrated on sparse areas. However, since this is a more permanent type of lashes, it requires maintenance every few weeks or so to keep up with the look.

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