Make Your Magnetic False Lashes Last Long. Here’s How.

Putting on the best kinds of beauty products is a great sight to see and an experience to have. But sometimes, people might often forget that some products best serve their purpose when they are well taken care of.

Magnetic false lashes are not exemptions to these rules. Although these can be treated disposable by many, there are ways and techniques to make them last longer. If you’re curious about how to better take care of your precious magnetic lashes, here are some tips that you can read about.

Clean your magnetic lashes daily.

Just like real lashes, magnetic lashes also deserve love and care. Never forget to take the time in removing them after a long day of work in making your eyes look the best. This tip is not only going to make your magnetic lashes last longer – it’s also really healthy and hygienic for your body.

Clumps of mascara and other makeup particles coming from eye shadow powders can settle in the hair strands. The accumulation of these things on the lashes deteriorate the quality and the volume of the lashes, causing the hairs to fall out from the bands and ultimately lose its fanned-out effect. Plus, it can be a rich breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. Yikes!

Make sure that you use the gentlest yet effective cleansers available. There are gentle foam cleansers that do a good job of removing the sweat, dirt, and makeup from the lashes. You might want to choose an oil-free cleanser and make sure to cover the strands thoroughly when washing them.

Be gentle when removing them.

Removing magnetic lashes give users a certain feeling of relief after a long day of wearing them. But pulling them too hard can actually damage these.

When removing the magnetic lashes, gently take them off by using a makeup remover that suits your skin. In this case, the magnetic eyeliner used to stick the lashes onto the lids come off. And as a result, the magnetic lashes would also separate from the lids.

As much as possible, avoid plucking them out. The strands can loosen from the band and affect the volume of the lashes.

Store them in a proper container.

More often than not, magnetic lashes come with a compact container where they can rest easy when not in use. Don’t be lazy and just stash them into any box or let them stick to any surface until you reuse them.

Safely store them in a container so that the magnetic particles do not get damaged. Also, ensure that you store them after they are dried out completely without moisture to avoid bacterial growth in an enclosed environment.

Just like you would take care of your body

Magnetic eyelash extensions are great beauty products and they become even better when you take care of them. By doing so, users can maximize their money’s worth by being able to use them for a longer time. Give your magnetic lashes some love just like how you would take care of your body and they will thank you back.

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